See your smile

Alison is just a normal girl to her peers, but in her eyes is sadness, hurt, pain. From coming home every day to a drunken father who beats her, a brother who raped her, and a mother who hates her, she has decided it was her time to go. She left at midnight, heading to the tallest building in her town... The empire state building. She grabbed a rock, trew it thrugh the window and jumped...


2. The boy with blue eyes.

Alisons P/O/V


He pulled me up and embraced me in a hug. I sobbed into his chest as he played with my hair. He cooed comforting words into my ear as he hugged me tighter. "What's you name?" He asks, pulling back and looking me in the eyes. My eyes where a bright green, dull to his bright blue ones. They almost looked grey in the moon light.


"Alison..." I mumble, looking at the ground. He smiles cheekily. "I'm Jacob, but people call me Jay." He tilts my head up with his hand. "Do you want me to drive you home?" I shake my head furiously and grip on to his shirt. "Please don't take me back there, the-they'll kill me! Pl-please." I sob, dragging my face back into his chest. He shushes and creases my hair again, my hand still gripping his shirt like my life depended on it. 


He picks me up bridal style and carries me to the elevator. I hear the door close but my face is dug into his chest to block out the light and so I don't have to look him, or other people, in the eye. I didn't know where he was taking me, but I figured it was his house. I hear the 'ding' of the elevator and he walks out, with me still in his arms. I feel my eyes start to close and i start to drift off into a odly satisfying sleep.




I throw my arm over my eyes and groan as the sunlight peers through the window. I open my right eye a tad and peek under my arm at the alarm clock,, which read 10:34. I groan again and turn over, only to be faced by another window. I open both my eyes all the way and look around the room, seeing band posters on the walls which where a nice baby blue. I gasp as I realise that my walls where not blue, in fact they were a cream.


I sit up, alarmed, and look around the room once again, but taking in its details.  There is a desk in the left corner of the room, under the second window, and on the right side there is a dresser with a small T.V. on it with some papers and such. There is a black carpet with clothes all over it, making the room look very messy. I look down just to make sure i had clothes on, which I did. I sigh in relief and throw the covers back, going to investigate. 


I step over the clothes scattered everywhere and make my way to the door. Just as i reach for the handle, the door swings open, revealing a boy carrying a tray with what seems pancakes. I scream and fall backwards, on to something very small and hard that digs its way into my arse. "Captain Crunch you scared me!" I yell, looking up at the boy while trying to get up off the ground and the hard piece of whatever. 


I boy smiles and he sets the try down on the desk beside him, and helps me up. I nod my head in a thank you as i pluck the hard thing from my behind, which turns out to be a battery. I throw it somewhere in the room and look back at the boy who yet has no name. 


"Uhh, who are you and where am I?" I asked, scratching the back of my neck. I hope he knows that i took self defence classes in high school. A look of realization crosses his face as he smiles. "Drake, Drake Anderson, and you missy, are at my house." His grin grows wider. I gasp as all of the memories from last night come back to me, and I grit my teeth and clench my fists in anger. 


"Why?! Why did you save me! I could have been free, happy even! All I want is to be gone, can't you at least, can't anybody let me actually be happy for once!" I yell at him, bringing my fist up to my face and punching him the the jaw. He falls to the floor, groaning in pain. "Oh my god! Im so sorry, I-I lost control, oh my god! Uh, let me to get some ice I will be right back, again, so sorry!" I say quickly as i run out the room, into what seems like the kitchen. 


I garb some ice from the freezer and wrap it up in a paper towel I found on the counter. I run back to the room to see drake sitting on the bed, holding his jaw in his left hand and texting with his right. I rush to him and move his left hand out of the way and apply the ice to his cheek, and he hisses in pain. "Sorry..." I whisper as I let go of the ice and let him hold it. 


He sighs and looks up at me, his blue eyes staring into my dull green ones. "So, whats your name? I promise I won't punch you if you do." He winked at me and I felt my cheeks heat up, and I looked at the ground. "Alison, Alison Harper." I mumbles, playing with a strand of my dark brown hair. "Thats a pretty name." He blurted. I looked up at him, shocked, and felt my cheeks heat up more than I thought they ever could. He had a slight blush on his cheeks to, and looked down at his bare feet.


I coughed, trying to break the awkward silence. "I think your pancakes are getting cold." I mumbled, looking up at him though my hair. He looked confused for a second, then started laughing while running a hand through his oh-so beautiful black hair. "Those where for you silly." He said, getting up and walking towards the tray, picking it up and walking back over. I stands about 5 feet in front of me, and puts the plate out in front of him. 


I smile and take the plate. "Thank you, I haven't had pancakes in like, forever." I say, feeling a bit stupid. "He walks closer, and puts his thumb and fore finger under my chin, lifting my head up. "Don't hide your face, your too pretty." He mumbles, pushing a stray strand of hair behind my ear, which had falling in front of my face. I blushed again, and smiles at him. "Thank you, again." I smiled. I think that being here won't be so bad after all.


A/N: Finally Updated guys!! Sorry i haven't done anything with this book or some others, I got a few 'F's in some of my classes :/ But I promise to get back on these books as much as I can! and sorry this chapter is kinda crappy, kinda got some writers block :( But working on it! Love ya <3



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