See your smile

Alison is just a normal girl to her peers, but in her eyes is sadness, hurt, pain. From coming home every day to a drunken father who beats her, a brother who raped her, and a mother who hates her, she has decided it was her time to go. She left at midnight, heading to the tallest building in her town... The empire state building. She grabbed a rock, trew it thrugh the window and jumped...


1. Nothing matters anymore.


Alisons P/O/V


I ran out the door, the rain hitting my face like knifes. The tears burned my face as they poured out, the cold intensifying the pain.


I headed to the only place where I could ease my pain... the empire state building. I got weird stares from the people around me as I ran. They don't know me, they don't care. Even if they did, they still wouldn't. 


I ran up the stairs, I didn't have time to wait in an elevator, I could change my mind... I didn't want to do that. I've chickened out of doing this many times. This time, I wasn't going back home. I wasn't going anywhere but down. 


Then I seen it.  "Floor 37" The sign read. My unlucky number. I grabbed the rock from my cardigan, and threw it through the window. It left the building with a satisfying Smash. Just like I would be. "Hey! What are you doing!" A heard someone yell.


I didn't even acknowledge them. I just ran and Jumped. I was out the window, starting to fall, then I felt a yank on my arm and pressure on my wrist. I opened my eyes that I didn't even know I had closed.  I looked up into the softest blue eyes. "Why?" Was all he wisperd. "Nothing matters anymore." I said, a tear slipping from my eye as I sadly smiled. 

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