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1. gone

Hey I am Hannah hemmings yeah I know I am luke hemmings sister he is 18 and I am 14 today was the day luke and the boys left for tour with one direction I ran downstairs and said bye to the boys me and Liz drove the boys to the airport we said bye luke hugged me and said good luck at my audition or the voice I said thanks he said I better see you in the finale I said I hope to see you there he said bye and kissed my forehead I said bye lukey we said by to the other boys me and our mom went home I had to get ready for my audition I wore a pair of ripped skinny means biracial Shirt and converse I was singing teenage dream by Katy perry what luke didn't tell me is he was live streaming at the concert he posted it on twitter and I watched it all you heard was screaming I made it through to the finale we were performing at the 5 SOS and one direction concert me and 4 boys got paired up in a group we were doing the ending part of long way home 5 SOS I went out and we suprised the boys luke hugged me

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