Autumn days are here again

Just a story I wrote to vent my feelings, based on a true story: my life. I changed names except mine :) tell me what you think about it, I'd love to share this with all of you readers! ^^
Cover photo by me
This is my first movella, and I'm not sure how to structure one, so if you have advices I would love to hear them out :3
Enjoy the story :D


1. Messy days and lost souls


Oh gosh, where is he hiding?


Sophie has been walking through the dark and desert park for a long time already.

"Joshua! Here you are!"

She started to run towards him; glad that he wasn't hurt. He was just sitting on a bench, smoking.

" Where were you? I've been searching for you for so long! " She said.

" I didin't say I wanted you to search for me, especially at this time." He replied.

" I was obviously worried about you! After you left like that..."

" Oh really?" He interrupted. Irony between his words.

" Why did you run away like that?" She asked.

" I was just..." He started, but suddenly stopped for some reason. " Nevermind, it's quite late already. You should go home." He said instead.

"Ok...seems like you don't wanna talk about it. I'll be going now, goodnight." She left without saying anything more, with a strange pain in her chest.

it hurts...

Watery eyes reflecting pain

I know him since we were kids and I never saw him like this before... I wonder what's going on in his mind...


The next day

Sophie's p.o.v.

I wonder why... why Joshua acted like that? Mark was just talking with me and as he saw us, he ran off somewhere in one of those parks nearby. I noticed that lately he's behaving strangely and tries to ignore me whenever I see him or text him. It hurts a lot actually. What did I do wrong to make him act like this? I need to get explanations from him. Could it be..?

The car stopped in front of the school before she could finish the question.

"Annnnddd here we are." Said Caroline, Sophie's mother.

" Thank you mom " replied Sophie, smiling a bit. She then got out of the car and went towards the school's entrance. She took a deep breathe. In fact it was the first day. Finding the reception was easy, you just had to turn right after you passed the main entrance.

Wow, this schedule sure is crap... two hours of philosophy?! Like what the hell..

Hours passed by real quickly tho and still, she didn't make new friends

I want to go home.. I really hope this torture will end soon


Joshua's p.o.v.

Joshua was walking to school with his Ipod, listening to Boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day. He was still chocked in his thoughts about Sophie and Mark... seeing them so close...

He held his Ipod really tight trying not to think of it. After all it was his first day of school.

Gotta stay fresh

it's fine. I don't care if she likes Mark instead of me. My best friend. Who promised not to lay an hand on her...anyway I need to calm down and get this stupid schedule already.

He then walked to the main entrance too and got his schedule.

"...Geology! Just..."


Sophie's p.o.v.


The teacher of science lab was mean. I am in detention now..for an hour! I shouldn't have been so distracted during classes...the school seems a desert. Of course! Who would ever get detention on the first day of school if not an idiot like me? Geez..

While Sophie was thinking that, she saw Joshua walking behind her by a reflection on the windows. As she turned around to say hi, he was gone.

"Ahah.. I guess I'm starting to have visions"

I think I'm a bit stressed. I need to relax..

And she went to room 24. Detention.

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