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Just a story I wrote to vent my feelings, based on a true story: my life. I changed names except mine :) tell me what you think about it, I'd love to share this with all of you readers! ^^
Cover photo by me
This is my first movella, and I'm not sure how to structure one, so if you have advices I would love to hear them out :3
Enjoy the story :D


2. Lovesick

Sophie's p.o.v.

I hope there's no one in detention class for real. I don't like when it's full of people and I have to be on my own

Sophie opened the door, almost hesitately, and took a glance in the room to find no one. Not even the teacher was there. She sighed with relief and sat in a random seat nearby the windows, looking outside. There, she saw Joshua smoking nrvously near a tree.

I wonder if I should go there. Maybe.. hold up. Isn't that Mark?

In fact, it really was him. He had just arrived and it seemed like he was nervous too. There was tension. They started to discuss. Sophie decided to listen at their conversation. Curiosity had the best, and she slowly opened a window, to listen carefully.

M: "Why are you getting so nervous all of a sudden!? We weren't doing anything bad you know!"

J:"Oh man, you kidding! I saw how you were looking at her the other day! And you clearly know I've got this thing for her... I thought you were my friend and I could trust you! You don't know how disappointed I felt at that moment."

M: "Josh, you're making a big fuss over such a silly thing it's just so ridicolous!I swear she ain't the girl I like, she's not in my interests! What the hell...!"

J: " Sorry Mark, if only she knew. I mean, Sophie.."

S: " Me what?"

They both turned in her direction, she was staring right in their faces. Waiting for a response.

J: " What the.. what are you doing there hearing people's private conversation?!"

She just jiggled and closed the window, wondering...


Later, that afternoon


Sophie called her best friend over, ( her name is Claire) and decided to talk about what she's heard with her.

C: " And what's troubling you about Joshua behaving strangely? You know his way to be, he's hardly ever spoken about his problems. If you want to find out whatever thing he's hiding, you should just go to his place and ask him what's that about."

S: " I'm scared tho.."

C: "About what?"

S: " You know what I feel for him, what if I can't control myself this time?"

C: "...have you ever asked him if he likes you?"

S: " No, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me... he was talking about this girl with Mark today after school, I couldn't hear the whole conversation but I guess he likes her a lot... there's no point in asking something if you already know the answer is negative."

C: " Don't be so mean to yourself! Look at you! You're beautiful! You could beat that girl whenever! Why would you think he doesn't like you?"

S: "...I just told you, you know."

C: "Well.. just try, you'll never know if you don't ask"

S: "...what time is it?"

C: " 5:20 pm, why?"

S: "Do you think he'll be at home at this time..?"




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Sorry about short chapters, I don't really have a lot of time to write but I hope you'll enjoy :3


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