The Bridge

We all believe that wishes came true, right? No, we all believed that because it happened in the fairy tales that we looked up to. Now that we don't believe in them anymore, why do we still think that wishes come true? Because we want to think that there are more positive things in the world? Because we have lives that walk the line to death without happiness? No. It is because of us. And the wizards. And the gods...


3. The Bridge-3

'Yeah, that's the girl. How much do you reckon they will pay?" I smirked discreetly as they tried to close in on me. I lost Luke and Thalia in an abandoned warehouse. Can't have them know, not now, not ever. As one of the men launched at me, I let me dagger slide down the sleeve of my shirt and neatly into my palm. I dodged his attack and used the hilt of my dagger to hit the back of his neck. I watched in satisfaction as he slumped onto the grass, I took the wooden stick and cast a disillusionment charm on myself and snapped it in half. I checked I wasn't visible and picked up my shrunken pack and put it in my pocket. I ran and threw a throwing knife at the other man. I knew it. They where after me, the want my blood. My powers. Everything. But I wasn't going to let them take it. Never.

I looked at the sign at the airport. Yeah, airport. Don't know how I got on the plane, but I am now in New York. A change of scenery would be nice... and maybe the snatchers would've lost my scent when I was on the plane. I looked on the tourist map and looked at Long Island. Looks like a nice place to visit, oh, and a strawberry farm? Maybe they can beleive a poor and innocent girl looking for some food, maybe and hopefully.

"Ah!" I ducked and swipped my dagger under head, trying to get her neck.  I used my small and fragile frame to feint to the side, I distracted her long enough to stab her in the side with my bronze dagger. I listened to her scream of pain before she turned to golden monster dust. The symbol of a rose came from the pile of dust and lead me down the abandoned road. I knew it was my mother, I was determined to follow it. The light looked warm and welcoming as I approached it, it was time for a new start, a new life.

~Welcome to Camp Half Blood~

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