The Bridge

We all believe that wishes came true, right? No, we all believed that because it happened in the fairy tales that we looked up to. Now that we don't believe in them anymore, why do we still think that wishes come true? Because we want to think that there are more positive things in the world? Because we have lives that walk the line to death without happiness? No. It is because of us. And the wizards. And the gods...


2. The Bridge-2

"Oh my! Aphrodite, is that you?" The woman asked me. Yes, this is just another house I am staying at. Why am I telling you of this one and not any others? This woman seemed to recognise me, called me Aphrodite, I think. "Uh, no, mam. My name is Xanthia  Davika Crystabelle Amelisa Rose Adelaide, I don't know my mother's name. My father's was Thomas Adelaide." She gave me a welcoming look and moved aside so I could come in. In the air there was the present smell of burning choc chip cookies and the entire room was covered in monster plushies. All of them I had fought except for the Minotaur. "Lukey! We have someone staying with us, be nice!" I heard a pair of feet walking into the kitchen and start mixing something in a bowl. "If it is Hermes, tell him to go to Tarturus cause I am not going anywhere near him. If it's someone else, please shout your name, your full name." It came from a boy, a few flights of stairs up somewhere. "If you must know, it is Xanthia Davika Crystabelle Amelisa Rose Adelaide, not Hermes." I heard a different pair of feet jog down the stairs and jump the last five. The boy had sandy cropped hair and blue eyes framed with upturned eyebrows and a mischievous smirk. "Long name, don't you think?" "My mother chose it. She left after she had me and said the she'll watch over me. Great job she's doing, don't you think?" I asked him, referring to my beat up, bloody and greasy state. He smirked, only then did I realise how hot he looked. "My dad left me, visits every once in a while. But, really," He gave a small smirk, "Would you forgive them if they came back for you now?" I shook my head and smirked. "You happen to have a place for me to stay the night? And perhaps a shower?" He looked at me and answered starkily, "What house would it be if there wasn't."

"So, you are on the run, monsters want to kill you, you glow when you sleep, you have a dagger and your mom left you?" I nodded to confirm it and he almost shouted, "Your a demigod!" and flung himself at me. "I wish we could run away, I'm getting sick of caring for Mum." I nodded into his neck. "Wait," I pulled myself out of his hug and faced him with a serious face, "What if we ran away together?" He looked down and ran to his wardrobe. "What are you doing?" He pulled out two rucksacks and tossed me one. "Pack up, we're leaving tomorrow when she thinks I'm going to school. We can ditch two of my horrors in one day." I nodded and rand to my ripped backpack in my sleeping corner and started transferring my clothes and necessities. Maybe I might just live a normal life, find my prince charming not have a single care in the world. But we all know wishes don't come true, only in fairytales, and this is reality.

"There is another demigod in these woods, I can sense it." I rolled my eyes at him. "Last time you said that, you led us to a high school full of empousai, good sensing." He rolled his eyes. "Fine, I feel it in my bones." "Which have been broken many, many, many, many times." I smirked in satisfaction as he groaned in annoyance. He snuck up on a berry bush and scared it. Instead of an angry nymph coming out, a girl a few years older than I stood infront of us, brandishing her dagger. "Stand down." She seethed. Luke rolled his eyes and disarmed her, she looked outraged. "Who are you?" "Luke." "Xanthia." She nodded before replying a stiff, "Thalia." "Now that we have established the names, why don't we hit the road? Okay? Okay." I said in a fake enthusiastic tone and a fake nod before marching towards the edge of the forest, to the side of the highway. "Let's hitchhike a ride!"



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