The Bridge

We all believe that wishes came true, right? No, we all believed that because it happened in the fairy tales that we looked up to. Now that we don't believe in them anymore, why do we still think that wishes come true? Because we want to think that there are more positive things in the world? Because we have lives that walk the line to death without happiness? No. It is because of us. And the wizards. And the gods...


1. The Bridge-1

I crawled into the wardrobe and cradled my dagger. I waited for the man to come closer, they had wooden sticks that they used to kill people, my father. I was going to kill him first, make him pay for what he did to my father. As the wardrobe door opened, I let my instincts take over. He shot multi-coloured jets of lights at me, I dodged those. What I needed to focus on was how I were to attack him. My defence was strong enough, my attack was what I need to plan out. Maybe if he moved his side to me for a second I would have a chance to run at him and stab him in the side. It'd give me enough time to escape the house and maybe take refuge in a house away from here. People would believe a cute, innocent little girls plead for shelter, wouldn't they? Let's hope so. I feinted to the right side and quickly dodged to the left and stabbed him in the side. He let a short roar of pain before blacking out. I grabbed the stick he was using to shoot the lights at me and quickly stabbed it. It gave a snap and a few whisps of smoke came from the ends. I gave a small sigh before noticing the weird tattoo on his left forearm. It was a skull with a spiralling snake at the bottom that had the head protruding from the skull's mouth. I shivered at the tattoo and tacked my bronze dagger in my boot. It was all I had of my mother. She left my father after she had me and said to him that it was safer, that she would still look over me even though she was gone. You know she's doing such a good job right now!

"Please! Only one night! Please, I need somewhere to stay for just one night. Please!" I sobbed to the woman at the door. She was a cold and stiff middle-aged woman that seemed to hate little girls. "One night." She looked me over as if seeing if I where fit enough. "Might as well give you a bath and some new clothes, come in." She moved from the doorway and I walked into a well cleaned and fancy house made almost entirely of wood. "Mother, who is that?" I whipped my head around and got into battle position, I lowered my arms once I realised that it was a boy about three years older than me. "Christian, she is staying with us for some time. I want you to be kind to her. Maybe you can show her your broom collection in the morning. Not now though." His excited shoulders slumped slightly, but it didn't dampen his spirits, or questions. "Where are her parents? Everyone has parents." I promptly burst into tears and the woman shooed the boy away. "Shhh, let me give a proper bath. Then we'll find you a room to stay in." I nodded and blindly followed the woman down a long corridor.

"Can you please tell me what your name is? At least a hint?" I gave a small nod and grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill. It means I am smart and can think of quick plans, it also means I have golden hair. He looked at me confused and almost shouted, "How in the name of Merlin will I figure this out?' I gave an uneasy giggle and picked up the quill again. It starts with an X and ends with an A. Chris shook his head again and facepalmed. "No idea, please, tell me your name. You already know mine, Chris Salvatore. You are- I don't even know!" I opened my mouth to speak, then I remembered, I haven't really spoken to anyone after my father passed, and if I did it was to beg for a place to stay. But, hey, there's a first time for everything. "Ugh," My voice sounded hoarse from lack of use, "It's Xanthia Davika Crystabelle Amelisa Rose Adelaide." He nodded and tried saying it. "Xanthia Divide Crystal Amy Rose Adelode." I gave a laugh and decided to teach him my name for the rest of the night. I only wish I didn't have to leave when they where asleep. I didn't want to, but if I didn't leave then the monsters would smell me out and come here. If I stayed then I was putting them in danger. I had to leave, no matter how hard it was.

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