My Girl

There is nothing wrong with a teenager and a few mates haven fun, right? I hope so. Things go wrong and things change, you just have to overcome them and keep smiling.

My Girl is an idea that i thought up of when i was out in the middle of nowhere, traveling between Adelaide and a town in Victoria, in Australia.



i suck in a sharp breath through my teeth.

im still looking at Bee she is trying to grip the edge but she was slipping. why has she stopped? its impossible to stay like that.

i look over at Mil, her face still shows she is still in shock.

i look around myself. waves are half way through smashing into the rocks, a man is mid air falling off his surf bored, and a dog is digging a hole, sand is floating behind it.

"Alice?"i hear.

i whip my head around and see Jackson.

he is running towards me. he stops next to me and looks around.

"Whats going on?" Jackson asks.

"I have no clue." i look around. 

we stand in silence for a minute or so just looking around.

"What has happened to the world?" i ask.

"i don't know. its like the world is frozen in place. and we are the only ones moving." J says.


i turn around and look at the ocean behind me. i look to see anything, anything that would be moving. nothing.

"um, Al?"

i turn back to the spikes and see a glow appearing in the middle of them. it grows bigger and bigger. a human shape appears and then all the features are visible.

A woman appears in the glow. she is about in her early 30's. She has light brown hair that falls at her waist. Her eyes are hazel. she looks about 6,1. She is wearing a strapless, frilly white dress that falls the her knees. her feet are bare and she isn't wearing any jewelry.

i look at her, she is beautiful.

The woman look around us then focuses on us. she smiles at us, her teeth are as white as her dress.

Jackson and i look at each other then back at her.

"Hello." she says her voice sound musical, kind of like a wind-chime is a small breeze.

"Um, Hi." i says.

"Hi." J says after me.

"My name is Marybelle, but call me Mary."

"Hi Mary, im Jackson and this is Alice." J says giving her a small smile. 

"I know who u are." she says.

"Pardon?" i ask.

"I know who you are." she said she faces J, "Your Jackson Samual" she faces me, "And your Alice Rose Miller." she looks at us both now. "Your not gonna believe me but i have known you since birth."

"What do you mean?" J asks

"Well, this is gonna be hard to explain but, the families that you live with today isn't actually your family. your real names are Jackson Indigo and Alice Indigo."

J and i look at each other. 

"Were brother and sister?" i ask Mary.

"Yes. when you were born, Alice was born first. Jackson, you were born 1 minute later. not an hour, you were told that to be different, so it could make it sound reasonable."

"Shit man. i Cant believe it." J Says.

"Yes." Mary says. "you guys were separated at birth. Your mother died giving birth you Jackson. that is why you had to live with other families. its weird though, you still found eachother, even though you were separated at birth, you still some how managed to become friends. you were given to families at opposite sides of the city."

" Yeah, J was the one that moved, he used to live on the other side of town. but, how do you know all this?" i ask.

"yeah, how come you know so much about us, and when we were born unless-" he stops short and looks at me wide eyed. i look back, i know exactly what he is thinking, he think that she is our birth mother.

"Mary are your our birth mother?" J and i ask at the same time. we always do that...

she nods.

i look at Jackson and for the first time, properly. we do look like eachother, we both have simlier shaped faces, same nose, same true hair colour (i colour mine). we also have the same sort of likes, and we both have the same Australian accent.

he must of been thinking the same thing because he is staring at me too. we both smile a wide grin at eachother then i think of something...

"Mary?" i ask.

"Yes Alice?"

"Um, if your our mother, then who is our father?" 

Jackson now looks at Mary.

she looks down at her hands which she is now twisting, then untwisting again and again.



Hi guys,

thanks for reading this if you are.

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