My Girl

There is nothing wrong with a teenager and a few mates haven fun, right? I hope so. Things go wrong and things change, you just have to overcome them and keep smiling.

My Girl is an idea that i thought up of when i was out in the middle of nowhere, traveling between Adelaide and a town in Victoria, in Australia.


3. Shall we begin:

Well know that you know who i am and who some other people are lets get on with the story:


I live in Adelaide, and I have my entire life. I gone through good time and bad times like every other human on this planet. Living in Adelaide some people think would be boring or pointless, because Adelaide is known for not being up to date with things. But I still love it here. It will always be my home.


I live with my mother, step-father, two brothers and a sister. All of my siblings are younger than me. My brother’s names are Jarred and Tomas. Jarred is 10 years old and Tomas is 6. My little sister is 8 years old and her name is Pip. I am 16 and my name is Alice. 


We are quite a rich family. My step-dad is a professional lawyer and my mum is a costume designer and maker. My step-dad is away a lot, from a few days to a month or two. My mum works from home, but she is mostly out in her sewing room. Mum has a room that isn't attached to the house that she sews in.


While my mum and step-dad are away a lot i have to take care of my little rat-bag siblings. They're cute and all but they really get on my nerves. School days are busy for me because i have to get the little ones ready and walk them to school, and i have to walk to school myself.


I also work on Sunday nights and Thursdays after school. i work down at the hair dresses down the road, which is around the corner from my high school and two blocks from the primary school.

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