My Girl

There is nothing wrong with a teenager and a few mates haven fun, right? I hope so. Things go wrong and things change, you just have to overcome them and keep smiling.

My Girl is an idea that i thought up of when i was out in the middle of nowhere, traveling between Adelaide and a town in Victoria, in Australia.


5. "NOOO!!"

Once we had eaten some of the food we decided we would do for a walk at Satan's Spikes.

"So, how do you like it so far?" i ask Mil as we head up towards HQ.

"Yeah. its really not what i expected." she replies, looking around.

we continue walking until we arrive.

Bee starts to climb up the near by spike.

"Be careful Bee." i say worry filling my voice.

"Dont worry. i have been climbing things since i was 5." she says with a laugh.

she continues to climb. each spick is about 5-6m high. she is about half way up already.

"Bee i really think you should get down now."

"Im fine"

"please come down" J says, pleading.

she just shakes her head and continues to climb.

suddenly she her left foot slips. she has nothing to hold on to so she begins to fall.

Mil Gasps.

"NOOO!!!" J and i yell at the same time.



sorry for the short chapter.


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