My Girl

There is nothing wrong with a teenager and a few mates haven fun, right? I hope so. Things go wrong and things change, you just have to overcome them and keep smiling.

My Girl is an idea that i thought up of when i was out in the middle of nowhere, traveling between Adelaide and a town in Victoria, in Australia.


4. Going out with ma mates.

*Do do do d-do do do do do do

She's a good girl

She's Daddy's favourite

He's saved for Harvard

He knows she'll make it

She's good at school

She's never truant

She can speak French

I think she's fluent

'Cause every night she studies hard in her room

At least that's what her parents assume

But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend

Here's what she told me the time that I caught 'em

She said to me:

"Forget what you thought

'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

So just turn around and forget what you saw

'Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught"

Woah oh oh oh- oh woah oh

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

Woah oh oh oh- oh woah oh*


My alarm goes off telling me to get up. Today is Sunday. great, i have work tonight, but today i am meeting up with my best mates; J, Bee and Mil.

My phone vibrates next to me signaling that i have a text. i pick up my phone and unlock it. i have a text from Bee;

Bee- Hay girl, can't wait to see you and the gang today. Don't forget we are meeting at the island. xx

i sent a text back saying:

A- morning, i can't wait to see you guys too. ill see you at 9;00. xoxo

i then put my phone down, and got ready. i curled my hair, put on my tracks, top, crop-top, shoes, cap and bracelet.



i then walked into my mums room. Dad was away in America at the moment. i walked up to her bed where she layed with hair falling round her face and my little brother laying next to her. My littlest still sleeps in my mums bed when dad isn't home.

"Mum?" i whisper shaking her shoulder lightly.

"mm?" she says, groaning slightly.

"i'm going out now with my mates. i have my phone and ill be back before dinner." i whisper.

"okay love, see you soon."

"love you"

"love you to Ali." she whispers and goes back to sleep.


I pick up my phone and keys from my room and head out the front door. i then text J

A- hi, just going to run down to the corner store to pick up some snack. c u soon. ;)

within seconds i get a text back;

J- okay, we will meet u there, but b quick before the tide comes changes. ;)

A- i will be fine. :D

i put my phone in my back pocket and walk to the corner store. when i walk in a go over to the lolly section and pick up 2 bags of snakes, 2 bags of mix lollies and 4 ice coffees from the fridge. i then walk up to the desk.

"Hi Alice, how are you today?"

"Im good Mrs Marks." i say with a smile. Mrs. Marks is a friend of my mum. her daughter goes to my high school. we are in the same maths class.

"Thats good. Going out with your friends again are you?"

"Yes we are. we will be out all day like always." i say with a small shrug.

"Good, well ill see you again next week?" she asks handing me a bag with the food and drinks in there.

"Yes, bye Mrs. Marks."


i wave and exit the shop. my phone vibrates in my pocket and i take it out. i have a text from Bee;

Bee- A, u have about 5 mins before the path closes off, hurry up! xx

i send a text back;

A- im on my way, b there in 2. xx

i walk down the path and across the road. i live over the road from the Semaphore beach. Just out from the shore there are all these rocks that are cut off from the beach. only for a few minutes the path way is open, and that is when we cross. it opens twice a day; at around 9;30am and at around 5;30pm. these are the times that we enter and exit the island. we have been trapped on the island before but only once, because it was raining and the water didn’t flood away enough.

I look across the sand till i spot my friends. They were all standing on the sand by where the path will be in a few minutes.

i run towards my mates, careful not to drop the bag.

"Hi Ali!" Mil screams running up to me and squishing me in a hug.

"Cant breath" i squeeze out.

"oh, sorry." she says letting me go.

we then walk up to the others.

"hay Bee. Hay J" i say hugging Bee and high-fiveing J.

"hi Al" they say together.

"So how long have we got till the path opens up?" Mil asks.

she is only new to our group of mates,

"Any second now Mil." J says with a smirk in my direction.

"DONT YOU DARE!!" i yell at him!!

we both start laughing.

"what?" ask Bee.

"nothing" J and i say together , then we burst out laughing again.

Jackson and i have be best mates since birth. J is actually born a hour after i was, sooooo... techniquely im older. anywayz, when we were just starting high school we went to school together because he lives next door, so, we were on our way and J was like; 'how long till we get there?' ad because i had no clue but i didnt want to admit it to him i said 'any second now' so after me say 'any second now' for 5 minutes J turns to me and says; ' you really have no clue when we get there do you?' and i completely denied it till he started to tickle me. im so ticklish so i was laughing so hard that i just admitted it. he still teases me about even now that its 2 years later.

when we had finally stopped laughing J turned to me;

"I vote we dont tell them."

"same here" i say.

"i vote you do" says Bee

"me too" says Mil.

"um," i look at J and he shakkes his head. "maybe another time."

we decide to sit down on the sand by where the path will be, and look at what everyone brought today.

"i brought, 2 bags of snakes, 2 bags of mixed lollies and 4 ice coffees." i say taking them out the bag and placing them in the middle of us.

"i brought 4 bags of Cadbury chocolate buttons." said Mil with a huge grin. we all love chocolate. she also place her items in the middle.

"i brought a bag of Doritos and a bag of Twisties" says J placing them down.

"i bought a jar of honey, 4 spoons and some teevee snacks.i also brought bread, jam and cheese, lots of cheese" says Bee as she carefully places the jar, spoons and other snacks down. 

"oh my god, this is going to be so much fun." says Mil with a grin bigger than the Cheshire Cats.

" def" i says, then i look out towards the ocean. "guys look the path has opened lets go!" 

everyone picks up there items and runs for the rocks. the sand was squishy under my shoes and the wind lightly whipped my hair. we all run up onto the rocks sprinting to the largest one in the middle. the rock in the middle is really big, its bigger than my kitchen and my kitchen is BIG. to the left of the large rock is 13 huge rocks that point up straight into the sky. to the right of the large rock is a section of rocks that creates a cave. the cave has a empty space big enough for 5 people to lay down in. when it rains that is where we stay till it stops.

we all sit down in the middle of the big flat rock in the center of our island. i then look over my shoulder and saw that the path was closing up again.

"Wow, that path closes quick." says Mil.

"yeah, now before we eat let give Mil a tour around our island." i say leaving my bag in the middle ans tanding up, everyone seen following. 

"J and i have been coming here since we were... i don't even remember." i say to Mil. "Anywayz, we found this and we have been coming her for years. when we were younger we named every place and we still call it that now." i pause and look at Mil to make sure she is still with us, she nods. "So where we are now is called HQ, it stands for HeadQuarters, if you didnt now that already." we walk over to the 13 spicky rock; "these are called the 'Satan's Spikes' because the number 13 in satan's number and because it looks like spikes." i look at Mil again, again she nods. we then walk across HQ and towards the cave; "This is called the 'HH'. it stands for HidyHole." we walk into the cave and look out the opening which faces opposite to the beach. "this is where we normal keep our stuff during the day so lets go grab our stuff and bring it back here." i say. 

everyone nods and we jog back to HQ an pick up our bags and walk together back to HH.

once we get back to HH, we sit down and lay our bags on the flat floor.

"do you wanna eat now?" i ask.

"yes please!" says Bee.

"Dont eat it all okay. other wise we wont have lunch." J says.

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