Young, Unpromising, Love

Et digt, med udgangspunkt i citatet "It's the things we love the most, that destroy us"


1. Young, Unpromising, Love


"It's the things we love the most that destroy us"


I walk around every day scared of the past the present and the future // I don’t know if I'm too young if it’s just me because sometimes I work fine around other people // other times I know I’m not going to make it till tomorrow but somehow I still make it // and I still picture you resting your head on the pillow next to me but that only makes it worse // and I know the only way to settle the pain would be to fill my lungs with the dark unpromising smoke you’ve filled yours with since you became that person or fill my veins with the alcohol you fill your cells with // and to be honest the only thing keeping me from it is because you made me promise never to do any one those things and to never kiss before i am 18 // but here you are attaching your god so well-made lips to mine as you swallow the alcohol I just poured down my burned throat // but that isn’t enough and you keep coming back for more and eventually I am scared to become like you because you are everything I want to be to forget but also everything I try not to be // but its hard when my whole world is affected by you and you are only here to make fake promises and break them yourself with your daring love along my jawline and your heart on my coat hanger 

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