Transparent is a word that Cassia despises. Transparent, is the word that describes Cassia. Society believes no-body should have secrets, and when secrets get around, the person who tells it gets severly punished. Everyone, knows everything about Cassia Green, she can't keep secrets, and she can't keep her mind to herself. She never does this on purpose, she just can't think before she speaks.Her best friend, Aimee, has a secret that she needs to get out of her system... Will Cassia be able to keep it? Or will society find out?


1. Transparent.

"Cassia Green"

The all too familiar voice boomed out of the speaker. I was back in Society headquarters , yet again. Only people who have gone against the Society rules were called to this place of displeasure. Apparently I broke the rules almost every day.

I rose from the little raised bench, although pleasant to the eye, not comfortable to be seated on for long periods of time. My shoes echoed around the waiting room as I was escorted in to speak to Mrs Frince.

" Ah, Miss Green, Cassia Green. How I hear this name far too much " exclaimed the short, brown haired lady.

"Do sit down" she continued.

" Breaking the rules yet again are we, Cassia. You should know by now, secrets are not tolerated! You are a transparent, to put it in a nice manner, we all despise of you " Mrs Frince sighed after finishing her sentence. I had heard this short 'speech' a thousand times.

"Mrs Frince, I do apologise. Being transparent, I just can't help it, the secrets come in, and always out again." I said in my quiet voice, afraid of the upcoming reply.

"You need to try very hard, to keep things inside. You are the only transparent, for 500 miles in every direction. If this keeps occurring, we we have to dispose of you. It is a threat to the community to have and keep secrets"  Mrs Frince replied. " You may go now" she continued.

I walked back out into the waiting room, all eyes were on me. I ran, as fast as I could, as far away from Society headquarters that my long, gangly legs could manage. Tears streamed down my face, I tried to tell myself I was crying because of the wind, but in my head I knew the truth. My voice echoed around in my head, screaming at myself, telling myself to just keep under control. I was slowly tiring, breathing heavily and my paces shortening rapidly.

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