A locked Kingdom

A locked kingdom that only the brave dare enter. To unlock and piece together what has been broken.


2. Voices

It's at night when the loudest of voices can be heard. It's laying in bed, a soft music playing in the background while you listen to the argument in your head. It's in class when everyone around you is talking and you're just sitting there, head in your arms. 

It's the voice that continues to yell. The voice that even if you put it on the lowest volume, you'll still hear it. It's the voice that if muted, you'll go insane. It's the voice that keeps you from going insane.

The one that tells you to say one thing but think another. The one that spits out the meanest of comments at the worst times. The one that doesn't understand the word "No". 

It keeps you awake, begging for you to answer it. All you hear is that deep hallow voice, the raspy one that calls your name every few seconds to make sure you're still listening. There's no escaping it. It'll always be there. Always calling, always listening and always demanding.

It's there. It's ringing. It's all you can hear anymore. 

It's destroying you.

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