Diaries of the Depressed Teenager

Lena McEntire thinks her life is awesome, that everything's going for her until she finds out everything she thought was a lie. Everybody she trusted was fake. She slowly falls in to a deep, dark hole she isn't sure she can crawl out of......

Ryder Crenshaw is the bass player for the hottest band at Creekville High, The Marked Fiends. But what happens when they kick him out? He is soon marked as a loser and just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, they do......

Gwen Lockhart is Creekville High's sweetheart until one night changes everything. Her twin sister Julie dies in a car accident, and Gwen turns to anything for relief. Soon she finds herself in a situation nobody can fix.....

*Based on true stories*


4. Chapter 3

October 12, 2012

Margo told me she'd always be with me. She said we're going to be BESTIES forever. Somehow, I feel like she can't wait to get away from me.

October 14, 2012

I hate Tate. I hate him so much. He makes fun of me everyday and makes me feel ugly, stupid, and worthless. Sometimes he's the reason I cry. I can't tell anybody; what's it going to do? He's never going to stop. Besides, everything he tells me is the truth. I never thought so many people could hate me so much.

Today I sit with my other friends, leaving Margo with her ring of bitches. I prefer them a lot because I think they kind of like having me around. It's nice.

One of my friends, Willow, has gone completely off the deep end. When we were younger, me, her, and Margo were best friends. Then Margo made her decision and chose her friends over Willow, completely cutting off all contact with her. I couldn't bear to lose Willow, but since Margo pretty much shunned her, it was hard to hang out. But I made it work; I wanted to be friends with both of them. Willow yelled at me, asking me why I put up with Margo's terrible friends. I did it because I couldn't bear losing Margo as a best friend either. When I said that, Willow shook her head, lowering her eyes. "You start to realize putting up with them just isn't worth the pain." I didn't reply.

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