Fairy Lights | n.h

"You might be the the most foolish, loudest, laziest excuse for a mortal."
"No that was it."

Never having cracked a smile this blue-eyed boy somehow made me laugh and that's what made me sleep...finally.

Book Two of the Elysium Series. Can be read separately.


8. "Will you undress me?"

                       “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
                                                                         ― John Lennon


"It's...It's beautiful Niall. It really is."

I couldn't help the wide smile on my face as I gazed around the inside of the small cabin. It was a simple beauty but with all the flowers and small plants it made me feel comfortable and more at home. 

"I tried to make you more comfortable."

I turned to look up at him, "It's perfect. Really."

He was doing his best impression of a cranberry. His face was so bright and his eyes were down casted at my bare feet. I reached out and tilted his chin up, "Don't be shy."

"It's just...I've never done this before."

I lightly giggled, "Me neither. I want this with you."

"M-Me too."

I smiled and kissed him, a sweet joining of our lips. I run my hands up his arms and his shoulders before placing them on his warm face. It was a soft and gentle connection.

"Will you undress me?"

Niall visibly gulped and hesitantly placed his hands on my hips. I pecked his lips and covered my hands over his to guide his fingers to my skin and raise my shirt.

His breath shuttered as I pressed against him and pulled my shirt over my head instead. Niall gasped and then let out a shaky breath. I guess seeing my bare torso surprised him a bit. I looked down too, not seeing anything wrong with the skin. It had no marks or bruises so why was he shyly avoiding it? "What?"


I was breathing deeply. As a fairy my virginity was extremely sacred and the moments before I lost it were sensual. That's what my sister once told me. Adding onto my heat didn't help at all.

"Why won't you look at me?"

"Your boobs," he stammered, "Uh...boobs."

I raised my hands to conceal myself. "My breasts?"


"Touch them."


"Touch them Niall." I grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my right breast.

"O-oh god."

"Now kiss me."

He practically attacked my lips, one hand on my breast and the other around my waist. I breathily laughed at his eagerness. "Help me out of my bottoms."

I sat at the edge of the small bed and stared up at him, waiting for him to make a move. He bent and grabbed at my bottoms before pulling them off my body.

I laid back and scooted up the bed, presenting my bare body to him. I was a tad shy but it wasn't in my nature to feel that way.

He gaped at me with wide eyes. "You're...You're beautiful."

I bit at my lip to hide my smile, "Thank you. Now you get undressed."

I moved the sheets and got under them, watching with I'm sure be an amused expression on my face as Niall undressed until he was down to his boxers. He was flustered and I wanted to relieve him of that.

"Come here."

He clumsily got closer to me until his body was laid in between my legs. It was then he decided to remove his last garment of clothing. I smiled up at him with my hand on his cheek and kissed his warm lips. 

"You're nervous," I stated.

"A bit."

"Me too. Are you sure you still want to do this?"

"Yes!" he responded a bit too excitedly and then cleared his throat. "I mean, yes."

I lightly giggled and cradled him between my thighs. "Okay. I'm ready."

To say that Niall's considerable length didn't hurt would be lying. Although the pain was there, it was dull and lasted a short while.

I held him close and relished the feeling of him inside me.

Niall couldn't hold back his breathy moans and little whimpers but I didn't want him to.

I pushed his hair from his misty forehead and breathily smiled up at him. He made a particularly deep movement that made me moan out. 

"Are-Arethusa. I can't...I won't last much longer."

I whimpered and nodded. "I...I feel something."

Writhing beneath him, I clutched onto his shoulders as I let go, panting his name is it washed over me.

"Oh my...god. Arethusa!" His body tensed and I stroked over his face as he let go. He flopped onto me after his body relaxed and nuzzled the crook of my neck. I hugged him closer and slightly gasped when I felt him remove himself from inside my body.

He lifted his head and looked down at me, a wide smile complimenting his features. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. When he pulled away he left light, tickling, kisses all over my face. I laughed and grabbed his face to pull it a few inches away from mine. I pecked his lips and sighed as I gazed into his eyes. "I love you."

He gaped down at me, a flush of pink flaring on his cheek and down his neck. When he said nothing I still smiled. "You are very young to know that feeling but I have lived many a time and I have witnessed it. The feeling that someone owns you, completes you, holds you upright. They kiss you and you melt, wishing time would stop so you could stay in that position forever. The feeling that makes someone overly warm and shiver at the same time...it's you. I have that with you."

He let out a breath and shyly smiled, "Arethusa..."

I tilted my head and kissed him, "I love you, Niall." I hugged him close, even when he rolled over and wrapped an arm around me.

I had to tell him before it was too late, before the change. 

I already felt it happening, my body become one with my nature. 

At least I had him while I could. My sweet, sweet, Niall.


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