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"You might be the the most foolish, loudest, laziest excuse for a mortal."
"No that was it."

Never having cracked a smile this blue-eyed boy somehow made me laugh and that's what made me sleep...finally.

Book Two of the Elysium Series. Can be read separately.


9. "What I was meant to become"

"I hated myself for going, why couldn't I be the kind of person who stays?" 
―Jonathan Safran Foer


I stared at him wile he slept, the cabin allowing light to flow through the window and grace his face. As the process began I heard the wind a little bit more. The seeds sprouting the the water gently hit the pebbles in the creek. It was all so beautiful. Painfully beautiful.

I just had to be a nymph. I had to give up the very meaning of my existence and literally become one with nature. 

I snuggled up to him and enjoyed his warmth while I could. I was tingling, a sheer sign that I was entering the next stage of transformation. 

I tapped Niall to waken him, only to receive his tiresome groan. I leaned up on my elbow and kissed his collarbone. "Niall," I breathed out, rubbing my thumb across his bottom lip. 

"Hmm," he hummed, fluttering his eyes open and focusing them on me. 

"I think I'm gonna get some fresh air."

He lightly frowned, looking under the covers at my bare body. "You're naked."

His curiosity both concerned me and made me laugh. "We're deep in the woods and neither your parents nor Greg are home. I'll just be a second."

"Okay," he nodded and even offered me his shirt to wear which I giggly declined. Before getting out of the cover I leaned over and kissed him deeply. So much was put into the kiss on my part. All my love for him and my future longing.

When I pulled away he looked at me with such awe that I wanted to cry. "Is there something wrong? Did I hurt you?"

I shook my head, pecking his lips, "No, I'm fine. I just...I love you." Before he could reply I got out of the bed and, completely bare, made my way to the door of the cabin. Once I was outside I took a deep, fortifying, breath that was soon broken by my sob.

This was it. 

I walked further and ran my fingers down the bark of a tree, let my toes sink into the soil and my hair flow behind me due to the movement of the wind. I looked up at the sunlight peeking through the openings of the tree leaves. 

I gasped when my skin became lighter, the weight of my humanity disappearing from my body. It was so liberating to finally be what I was meant to become. I was nymph, a tree fairy, and as I took my last breath through human lungs I became my true form. I was the smell, scent and sight of nature.




I was confused by her departure so when she'd been gone for almost ten minutes I decided to check on her. I slipped on my boxers and left the cabin to be faced with trees and sunlight. 


I didn't see her and I couldn't hear her voice. 


I ran barefoot all the way back to my house and frantically searched for her to see her no where. I was starting to panic as I made my way back to the cabin to see if she'd gone back. 

A tear slipped down my cheek as I looked outside. She couldn't have just gone. 


A sob racked through me as I tiredly walked toward the creek. "Please come back," I croaked, collapsing against the tree I first found her lying against. She was so weak and starved and in time she became strong and thanked me every second for it. 

My body had a strange strength that became known the moment Arethusa and I became intimate but my heart felt weak without her here.

I don't know for how long I cried but it was possibly the most soul racking cries I've ever experienced. I had a feeling as to what could have possibly happened due to my night of research but throughout our entire experience I didn't want to believe it.

A sudden gust of wind flew past me, making me shiver but the warm feeling behind it was all too familiar.

There were parts that were warmer than others. my shoulders and side and even some around my legs. I felt her.

"Why'd you go?" I cried, cradling my head between my hands and in that moment I felt it. A slow, sweet and gentle pressure glide across my cheek. Wind couldn't imitate what it was, nor did I think she wanted it to. Through my tears I still felt my cheeks warm like they always did when she did that. It was the best feeling that couldn't have meant less even with the absence of her body.

Her kiss. 





A/N: That was the last chapter. I personally believe that this wasn't my best work but I'm still proud of it no matter what. There will be an epilogue that I would love for you guys to read. It will be here in the next two weeks. 

My OTRA date was two days ago in San Diego (7/9/15) and it was great! I just can't get over all that happened. 

Feel free to leave your thoughts! Laters baby ;)


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