Fairy Lights | n.h

"You might be the the most foolish, loudest, laziest excuse for a mortal."
"No that was it."

Never having cracked a smile this blue-eyed boy somehow made me laugh and that's what made me sleep...finally.

Book Two of the Elysium Series. Can be read separately.


1. Prologue



I'm so tired. I can't run any longer for my legs are beginning to give out.


I've been running for so many years I've lost count back in B.C. but I know I can't stop or he'll find me. Alpheus will catch me. He's only after one thing and Artemis has literally split the earth to help me protect it. If only I hadn't bathed in his river, he wouldn't have never saw me.

I stop when I am near a house, the lights glowing through the windows. I hide behind the tree and sit down to rest, listening to the creek behind me. This place smells weird and it's very plain but this is just what I need. I can stay here at least for a little while.

I look up and see figures walk by the window and then there's only one. It's a boy and he looks sad as he walks towards the window. He rests his arms on the sill and gazes out. I'm glad it's night and his sight is limited. No one can find me, not even him, because if some mortal can find me then anyone can.

Shivering and with fear slashed in my mind, my eyes begin to droop and only the water trickling down the hill is heard.



A/N: Book Two of The Elysium Series! If you haven't noticed I like to base these books on real mythological creatures. This story is going to be so much fun to write and I can't wait to share my ideas with you. 



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