Fairy Lights | n.h

"You might be the the most foolish, loudest, laziest excuse for a mortal."
"No that was it."

Never having cracked a smile this blue-eyed boy somehow made me laugh and that's what made me sleep...finally.

Book Two of the Elysium Series. Can be read separately.


10. Epilogue

Once I became the trees, the grass, the very air humans breathed, I was at peace.
Giving away my virtue was part of a process that empowered both me and my partner. I knew because I've heard stories from my sisters and because I've witnessed it over the past five years with Niall. 
I've been there almost every step of the way, watching over him and seeing how the power of my virginity gave him the voice and confidence to become a singer.
He was still the happy-go-lucky boy I knew all that time ago but now he shared his aura with millions of other people. 
His friends were funny too and very energetic. One of them, Harry, was completely and utterly in love with the goddess Volupta, who gave away her essence to be with him. Or at least that's what I heard. 
I just knew that his other friend, Louis, as I pass him by in my breezy form through the garden as he shared a joke with another mate, was given the voice of a Siren.

I was in search of Niall and I was so giddy about it. This was the first and only time out of all these years that I could turn back to my human form for just mere hours and I wanted to spend them with Niall.

With help with what humans call Mother Nature. I was given skin and hair and other blends made from the earth we all know.

I was nearly naked except for the sown cloths I was given to cover private areas .

The boys were staying in a secluded hotel that so happened to have a garden in the back and that's where I found him, sleep in a bed of roses. Silly boy.

I looked around to make sure no one was coming and left out of the safety of the talk trees. I stood over him, my feet close to his head while they were safely away from the numerous thorns.
I smiled as I crouched down and pressed my lips to his forehead, whispering teasing words. "You know, you and I both know if you make the slightest jolt you'll have to recover from lots of cuts."

My voice did just that, making him jolt then wince.

"Oh shit!" He scrambled out of the flowers, cursing while brushing himself off.

"Such language," I giggled.

He looked up and froze, his mouth gaped and eyes wide.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," I nervously laughed.


"Hi Niall," I shyly wave.

He was fast. Fast enough for me to just blink and his arms being wrapped around me, his warmth engulfing me. He smelled almost the same except for the excessive use of hair products.

"You've been away for so long." His voice was scratchy and that's when I noticed the dampness of his cheek that was pressed against the side of my neck. We were cuddled so close and I loved it. 
I turned my head and kissed his cheek, hoping to grab at any other emotion besides the one he was feeling right now. 
He turned his head and met my lips, a longing of lips finally coming together again. He tasted salty from his tears but he was also so soft.

When we pulled away and he pecked my lips, I smiled up at him, wetness forming in my own eyes. "I can only stay for a little while." I whispered.

He sadly nodded ," when will you be back?"

I slowly shook my head in a silent plea to not hear about the future and pulled his head back down towards mine.


The sun was setting, almost ending the day and my visit.

Niall and I brought a blanket out here and we're on the grass, cuddled up, and silent , enjoying each other's presence.

"You helped me," he murmured, his mouth brushing against the top of my head.


"You said that your ... Virginity would give off power and ..."

"It did," I finished , tilting my head and pecking his prickly chin that made me giggle. "You're a great performer."

"I knew you'd be watching me."

"Don't make me sound like a stalker," I laughed , swatting at his arm.

He yawned, rubbing at one of his eyes like a baby.

"We can sleep if you want."

He stared down at me, as if contemplating what he'd say next. "I... I don't want to see you go."

I sighed and hugged him close. "If you fall asleep now then you won't have to. You'll fall asleep with me in your arms but ... When you wake up I'll be here," I answered, placing my hand to his chest.

He gave a small smile and laid back on the grass, bringing me with him.

I leaned over and left a heft kiss to his lips. "Close your eyes and when you open them again, just know that I'll still love you the same even in my absence."

He whispered back, "And I'll love you too."


I watched him sleep as long as I could. I stared at his brown lashes and rosy cheeks until an angry wind blew, telling me it was time to move on. I softly kissed the corner of his mouth and stood, making my way back to the trees and sighing.

When I looked back I saw the supposed goddess looking at me beyond the grass and beds of plants. She nodded towards me with a faint smile and watched as I turned towards the dense woods.

I'd always protect him through my fairy light and watch from afar as he grows. I loved him, I thought, and smiled when one of his tunes ran through my head. "Is that so wrong, is it so wrong, that you make me strong..."

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