Bad Boy Good Girl

Good girl to bad when she falls for bad boy? Or does she stay the same and get hurt? Luke Hemmings, Charlotte Aliyah more than friends when they know eachother? Does bad boy turn good or stay the same and break her heart?


4. What's Wrong With Me?

I walked into his house and sat down on one end of the couch. We started working and then he kissed me. I was having one of those moments again. I kissed him back putting my arms around his neck. Before I knew itboth of our clothes were off, i bit my lip as he thrusted into me trying to hold back a moan. Then he went deeper and I just let myself go. "LUKE!!!" I screamed as he sped up. An hour passed by as I  just layed there with him. He chuckled "What?" I asked smiling. "Thought you didn't like me." I just shrug at his words as he starts leaving kisses on my neck. 

~~ Charlotte's POV~~

What did I just do!! I wasn't supposed to have sex with luke. I still like Calum I dont care if he doesn't like me. Luke is a player and Calum well I've known him since kindergarten. I cant believe I did this. What is wrong with me?

"Charlotte? Be my girlfriend?" he suddenly says. I looked shocked because he just asked me. I just smiled and when I looked into his ocean view eyes. "Yes." was all I have said and kissed Luke "the player" once again.

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