Bad Boy Good Girl

Good girl to bad when she falls for bad boy? Or does she stay the same and get hurt? Luke Hemmings, Charlotte Aliyah more than friends when they know eachother? Does bad boy turn good or stay the same and break her heart?


3. Excuse Away From Luke

After school Luke saw me at my locker with Calum and walked over. Luke's arms wrapped around me as I pushed him away. "So your coming over after school right?"

I scoffed at him. "Nope I was gonna go on a date with Calum 
tonight." Luke looked mad of course. I know I was just doing this to make Luke mad and get away from him but I still felt bad. When I was done talking to him I walked away really fast.

~~Later to the Date~~
When Calum had picked me up he knew what was up. "So why did you really want to go on a date with me?" I was surprised he knew. "You know your best friends with Luke now. Well we are paired up for a science project and we were supposed to meet at his house. After class he came up to my locker and kind of kissed me. I just wanted to stay away from him." He laughs at me and says he knew that.

"Just seeing if you would tell me the truth. look I'm okay if you dont like me but I like you." I blush at his comment. I look at where we were going and it was up a driveway. "Uhmmm-"

"Your still going to his house and work on the project." As I walk out and he drives away the front door opens. I dont know why but I felt sad he was gone. I walked into Luke's house and never felt a feeling of being so happy with him.

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