Bad Boy Good Girl

Good girl to bad when she falls for bad boy? Or does she stay the same and get hurt? Luke Hemmings, Charlotte Aliyah more than friends when they know eachother? Does bad boy turn good or stay the same and break her heart?


2. Date?

I heard someone clear their throat behind me. "Lets just figure out what we're gonna do." The voice was deep and had an accent. I turned around and saw Luke. I rolled my eyes as he sat next to me.

"So i was thinking that we can do something on the body system," I suggested. He agreed and demanded "After school we go to my house and start working on the project." I nodded because i didnt want to talk to him. "Great its a date." As he said that my eyes widened but way to shocked to say anything at all.

He walks away as if nothing had happened.

Luke's POV

As the bell rung I walked over to Charlotte's locker. I leaned on the locker next to hers. She was putting on a skin tight Nirvana shirt over her black tank she was wearing in science.

She rolled her eyes at me."What do you want?"

I pulled her towards me and that's when my blue eyes met her green eyes. I kissed her softly and I had no idea what I was doing.

Charlotte's POV

I was shocked at what he was doing. I finally had that feeling that when you look in his eyes its like your looking into the ocean. This kiss was amazing. Our lips moved in synch as his cold lip ring was against mine.

I finally realised what he was doing and pushed him away running to my next class. Im so happy he's not in it but Calum is and I heard they were becoming close friends.

Calum sat next to me. "So what was that about in the hallway." I didn't answer him. He was about to move away from me when i grabbed his hand and sat him back down. "Do you wanna go out tonight with me?" I asked him. Yeah yeah I know we decided to stay friends but i needed an excuse to stay away from Luke.

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