Bad Boy Good Girl

Good girl to bad when she falls for bad boy? Or does she stay the same and get hurt? Luke Hemmings, Charlotte Aliyah more than friends when they know eachother? Does bad boy turn good or stay the same and break her heart?


1. Back to school Again.

 I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock which read 7:30 am.

Fuck! I thought about me being late but I wasnt. As i walked into the school I ran into Luke, the player at our school. He was said to be with half of the girls at our school.

"Watch it." Luke says angrily.

"Maybe if you weren't staring at all the girls boobs and butts, you would actually know where you're going." I nearly screamed almost at him. He made me feel so aggravated. I walked away like nothing just happened.

"Hey Charlotte." I turned to see Calum Hood coming towards me.

I waved at him.He was smiling at me. "I saw you talking to Luke. Do you like him?"

I made a grossed out face. "No way to hell. He is a D-O-U-C-H-E. Plus it will never happen, im a good girl going to a school full of delinquents." Calum laughed and said that he wasn't a delinquent. I thought of Calum as a brother. We tried dating when we developed feelings for eachother but it didnt work out so we just stayed best friends.

The first class bell rings. I gave Calum a kiss on the cheek. I know im not the typical friend. I hate my first class for science because i was paired up with the douchebag, Luke.

I hated his rep. Girl swoon over his blue eyes and slightly quiffed blonde hair. They say when you look in his eyes its like looking into an ocean. Haha yeah ill believe it when I look in his eyes myself.

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