Gradual Moment

Do you ever stop and think about the deep questions in your mind...just for a moment?


1. Gradual Moment

How to define a moment,
That happened over time?
How to define the time,
That began before your mind?
How to know your own mind,
When you're stuck rethinking things through?
How to escape an endless loop,
That was never tight, but loose?

Can something grow,
If it's as big as it can be?
Can water flow,
From the lowest point in the sea?
Can fear know,
When there are no more boundaries?
Can travellers go,
Beyond what their mind's eye sees?

If love is supposed to be beautiful,
Why is love blind?
Maybe it's selfless, giving something it can never have itself.
If hate is supposed to blacken your heart,
Why is anger red?
Maybe anger drains your heart of blood, and hate is wait remains.
If life is supposed to be bountiful,
Why does it always end?
Maybe it's to teach us to make the most of our time.
If death is supposed to be final,
Why do we mourn?
Maybe it gives our mind time to detach itself from the lost.

Questions are what make us human,
Or is it the journey to answer them?
Or the answers themselves?
Or maybe it doesn't matter, as long as we have another question to ask.

How long is a moment?
How slowly can we live it?
And how full of questions can it be?

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