Warriors Blue: #1 Settling In

"This Kit It Could Help Us, She Saved Me"

Who knows what secrets the clans keep. It might be too much for little Moonkit to handle.
Read along as Moonkit journeys through her life of BlueClan, becoming a warrior and who knows what next? Read on to find about this amazing story inspired by Erin Hunter!


2. Exploring The Camp

The three kits padded towards a den, unaware of what would be inside that very den. MoonKit looked around curiously. GingerKit went in first, then StripeKit and then MoonKit. The entrance was a bit small, so when StripeKit pushed through he tumbled forwards and bumped into GingerKit, GingerKit then tumbled and bumped into a large cat. The cat narrowed his eyes. "Are you GreyFur's kits?" He questioned, looking at the patterns and colour of the fur, he recognised the combination.

"Yes" replied MoonKit, her tail twitched nervously.

LongClaw looked down angrily. LongClaw had feelings for GreyFur since they met. Just as LongClaw was about to speak his feelings, FlameStripe collapsed near them and GreyFur took him to the medical den. GreyFur then asked LongClaw what he going to say but now that they were with other cats he couldn't tell her. The next day LongClaw saw GreyFur and FlameStripe brush their fur against each other and lick each other. LongClaw's heart was crushed. One day, LongClaw had enough, he attacked FlameStripe with his unusual long claws (hence the name) and GreyFur was disappointed in him because attacking a cat from the same clan as you was against the warrior code. After that, GreyFur never talked to LongClaw and then FlameStripe became deputy and had kits with GreyFur.

LongClaw sighed, he angrily unsheathed his long claws and looked up at the three kits that sat there, puzzled and confused. He swung his paw at them, luckily they had dodged but his claw managed to cut GingerKit's shoulder. The kits flattened their eyes in fright, and helped GingerKit out the entrance and to their mother. "Mum! Some giant cat in our clan hurt GingerKit!" The two kits squealed. GingerKit mewed with pain and agony.

"Quick! Let's get him to LeafFang!" She hurried, she picked GingerKit with the scruff of his neck and carried him over the young medicine cat, LeafFang.

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