Warriors Blue: #1 Settling In

"This Kit It Could Help Us, She Saved Me"

Who knows what secrets the clans keep. It might be too much for little Moonkit to handle.
Read along as Moonkit journeys through her life of BlueClan, becoming a warrior and who knows what next? Read on to find about this amazing story inspired by Erin Hunter!


3. AquaStar's Scold

GreyFur turned to MoonKit and StripeKit. "Can you describe what the cat who hurt GingerKit looked like?" She asked.

"Well he had really long claws" MoonKit began. With only that small bit of information, GreyFur knew who it was. "He had white fur, a black patch on his back and brown eyes" continued MoonKit.

GreyFur sighed. This was the second time LongClaw had broken the warrior code. She knew she had to tell their clan leader; AquaStar.

LeafFang grabbed a leaf and placed it on the cut. She looked up and smiled gently at GreyFur "He'll be okay, he just needs some rest until the wound heals" she explained.

"Okay. Thank you for helping, I will leave you to it" she said gratefully and gave GingerKit a quick lick of the head. She and her kit padded out of the den. She led her kits towards their den then sighed.

"Don't go out until your apprentices. It could be dangerous, especially with that betrayal cat who injured GingerKit" she explained, it seemed like she was angry at them, but the kits understood that she was only trying to protect them from further harm. MoonKit moved closer to StripeKit and curled her tail around him like their mother does to them. "I hope GingerKit's okay..."she worried dipping her head sadly.

StripeKit nodded. "Don't worry, I'm sure LeafFang will treat him well" GreyFur mewed, trying to comfort her upset kittens.

More to come soon! I will update this as much as I can until the book finishes and maybe start book #2! It depends if you like the book!

GreyFur knew she couldn't leave her kits alone to tell AquaStar. She had to wait for FireStripe to return from hunting patrol. MoonKit look up at GreyFur. "I'm hungry" she complained, rubbing her face against GreyFur's leg.

"Okay, I'll get some food, but if you run off you'll be in danger and deep trouble" she warned, then walked towards the fresh-kill pile. She quickly grabbed a vole for them to share and padded back to the den.

MoonKit smiled as she saw her mother enter the den with a tasty looking vole. It was new-leaf, so the prey would be tasty and fat, also easier to hunt. They had eaten all of the vole, and then FireStripe entered. GreyFur got up and mumbled what had happened to GingerKit. FireStripe's eyes narrowed but he lay down beside their kits, who were curled up with full bellies.

GreyFur padded out of the den. She looked around for AquaStar and she spotted her, eating. GreyFur quickened her pace towards the leader. AquaStar looked up from her mice. "What is it, GreyFur?" Asked AquaStar, then took the last bite of her mouse.

GreyFur looked around for words as AquaStar waited patiently. "It's LongClaw..." She began, looking down at the ground. "My kits wanted to explore the camp, but during their explorations they bumped into LongClaw, who attacked them completely out of the blue. None of them where harmed, but GingerKit received a cut, which is growing bigger, but LeafFang is healing it" she explained.

AquaStar narrowed her eyes. No one in her clan had broken the warrior code twice since she became leader. "Thank you for sharing this GreyFur" she smiled. "I will ask him what this was about when I see him." She continued

GreyFur nodded, then hurried back to her den. When she came in, the kit were sleeping soundly, their tails curling over each other. FlameStripe smiled as GreyFur lay down beside him. They both touched noses then settled down to sleep.

The night had slowly passed, MoonKit was the first to wake up. She licked her grey-blue chest and poked her head out the entrance of their den. She looked around curiously, it seemed like no one else was awake. She spotted AquaStar and LongClaw having a conversation. She pushed her head closer so she could hear them. "What do you think your doing? Going around attacking your own clanmates?"

"Attacking what? That ginger fur ball? That pathetic lump of fluff got in my way!" He spat.

"I didn't say who you attacked! How did you know who you attacked if your saying you didn't?" She growled. "SnakeTooth mentored you well... I'm disappointed in you." She continued, then frowned.

"SnakeTooth? That loser? He deserved to drown to death anyway" he smirked heartlessly.

"Drowned? He drowned? That it! You drowned him! It's a good thing you have a habit of giving away information without knowing" she spat.

LongClaw looked away carelessly. "LongClaw... If you refuse to obey the warrior code, YellowClan shall forbid you to return to the forest! You cannot join other clans, you cannot come back to this forest. Leave. NOW!" She hissed.

"Sure thing, it's about time I left anyway..." He smirked at AquaStar. "But just one thing..." He crept closer to AquaStar. She took a step back. LongClaw narrowed his eyes, then chuckled quietly, but evilly. His claws unsheathed, he was ready to attack. It was a good time for him to attack since he thought no one was awake, but he was wrong...

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