Jessica sees someone special and instantly falls in love but how will that go?


2. this can't be happening

Jessica's POV

Louis Tomlinson is so beautiful!

Same with zayn! Sophie says

The sad thing is we'll probably never see them again!:(


I hear footsteps running towards me and Sophie I turn around to see Louis and zayn behind us!

'They came back!' I whisper to Sophie!

Louis POV

I was now running towards the direction they walked in! Then in the distance I see the two girls!

Zayn there they are!!!

By now me and zayn were running as fast as we possibly could. Finally we caught up with them I just couldn't help but give jessica a hug I really have fallen for her!

After the hugs I heard zayn talking to Sophie;) but really all I was interested in was jessica, her big blue eyes and blond hair. I asked jessica could I go on her phone for a second and while I was on her phone I put my number in her contacts hoping she would text/call me!!

Zayn's POV

When we caught up with the girls I just couldn't stop staring at Sophie she was so beautiful! With her green eyes and dark blond hair, I had fallen for her and there was no going back! I told her my number just hoping that she would text or call me;)

I think she was talking to me but to be honest I wasn't even listening I was too busy looking at how beautiful she was!

Jessica's POV

'Sophie are you coming now?' 'Yes coming!' We both gave the boys hugs and said our goodbyes, got into my car and drove off.

'Omg I have fallen for Louis I swear to god he is fucking beautiful!and see his accent tho oh god!

'Same with Zayn I love his cute personality and his super sexy accent!

Do you just wanna stay at my new apartment since I had just moved in?

Yeah sure we haven't had a sleepover in ages! Sophie said

Even tho we're going into lower sixth year in September (hopefully) we still love doing stuff like little girls would do!

I'm so glad it's summer!!

Me too! Sophie said.

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