Jessica sees someone special and instantly falls in love but how will that go?


1. oh my god

Jessica's POV

'What should I get in Starbucks?' I asked my best friend Sophie. 'I don't know, but I'm getting a caramel frappe!' 'Okay I'll get one too! I replied. Sophie is my ultimate best friend, she's always there for me and I love her so much! I met her on my first day of secondary school 5 years ago and I'm so glad I did! We tell each other EVERYTHING! I love her for that I can just tell her anything.

'What would you two girls like? The man at the till asks. 'Two caramel frappes please!' I said. ' I'll pay' I whisper to Sophie. 'No you don't have to! 'Yes I do!'

Once we got our Starbucks we were too busy texting on our phones to realize ...

I had bumped into Louis Tomlinson from one direction OH MY GOD! 'Im so sorry' he said with his sexy British accent. 'At first I didn't think that I had just saw Louis Tomlinson in public! I panicked and replies 'y..ouu..are.. Louis Tomlinson!! 'Well yes indeed I am! He says.

Sophie's POV

I was too busy talking to jessica when I realise who was right in front of my eyes.. Its Zayn Malik!! I froze though obviously not in time and fell on him, tho he caught me! 'Im so sorry!' I said 'it's fine!' He says in his super sexy accent! I hear jessica calling me to come and I say bye to zayn and slowly walk off.

Louis POV

'That girl is beautiful' I say to zayn! 'So is the other one' he says. 'We didn't even get they're names!' Zayn said. I start to run, zayn shouts ,'Louis were r you going!' 'To find that girl she's beautiful and I can't let her out of my life!

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