Jessica sees someone special and instantly falls in love but how will that go?


5. getting ready

Jessica's POV:

Jessica: Sophie wake up!!todays the day were having our dates!

Sophie:ugh!! Okay

I got Sophie to do my hair, she curled it in loose curls then she done my makeup and then she chose what clothes I should wear she picked out white skinny jeans, a colourful floral top, white converse and a choker.

Sophie's POV

After i helped jessica get ready she then helped me. She straightened my hair but putting half of it in a ponytail, then she done my makeup (quite a natural look) and then chose me an outfit. She chose a cute skirt a top with a cute quote on the front and black pumps. I loved her style!!

Louis POV

Omg it's the day of me and Jessica's first date!! It was 3pm and I was picking her up at 6pm! I put on navy skinny jeans and a white and blue striped top with a pair of white Air Force. I styled my hair perfectly and started organising for later.

Zayn's POV

It was the day of me and Sophie's first date! To be quite honest I'm shitting it! I put on black jeans, white top and white and red air max and styled my hair in a quiff and went with Louis to set up our double date!!

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