Jessica sees someone special and instantly falls in love but how will that go?


6. dates<3

Louis POV

Louis:Okay zayn I think this is us done!

Zayn: what time is it now?

Louis: shit! It's 5:30 we'll need to rush if we wanna make it in time for the girls!

Zayn: do you think they'll be together or do you think we'll need to go to both their houses?

Louis: not sure but we can't call cus it'll make it obvious it's a double date so were gonna have to wait and see!

* it's now 5:50*

Louis POV

Okay so were near Jessica's house and I'm shitting it what if something goes wrong? what if I say the wrong thing and she never talks to me again? Oh my god we're here!

Jessica's POV

I heard a knock on my door, it was Louis and Zayn!! I got Sophie to answer the door cus I was putting finishing touches to my outfit.

Sophie's POV

I answered the door to see Zayn and Louis at the door! Zayn came over and gave me a big hug

Zayn: you look gorgeous

Sophie: same to you mr handsome!

Louis POV

Louis: where's jessica?

Sophie: she's up staires!

About 5minutes later jessica started walking down the staires..but very slowly?

Louis: omg your beautiful!!

Jessica: not really:( but thanks! Your looking lovely!!

Louis: yes you are and thank you bab!!

Jessica's POV

Louis: so shall we leave?

We all replied: sure!!

We got into Louis' car.

Jessica: where are we going?

Louis: that's for me and Zayn to know and you and Sophie to find out!

Jessica: is it a double date though?


About ten minutes later we arrived, we were at a park but there was two tables sitting beside a little river with candles spread around us! It was perfect!

Jessica: Louis you didn't have to this is perfect!

Louis: it's the least I could do for you princess!

He called me 'princess' omg we're not even dating! I can't even believe this is happening, he could have any girl in the world why would he want me? I've always even very self conscience and I don't ever believe any compliments given to me but anyway back to the date..

It was near time to leave but Louis looked me in the eyes and said..

'Jessica, I know we haven't known each other for long but that doesn't matter because I have completely fallen for you! And there's no going back and I think your perfect! So would you..umm be my girlfriend?'

'Omg Louis that's so cute! But why would you want me? You could have any girl in the world! Your in one direction gods sake!'

'I don't want anyone else I just want you, i love you!'


'So will you be my girlfriend?'


Louis started to lean in!! He's trying to kiss me! What should I do? Before I could finish my thoughts it was too late and his lips were on mine moving slowly then I felt his tongue in my mouth and our tongues were against each other! The kiss lasted for ever! Which was a good thing! But soon after he leaned away so I did too.

Louis: wow your a really good kisser!

I blushed and gave a small smile:)

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