Jessica sees someone special and instantly falls in love but how will that go?


4. blind makeovers

Jessica's POV

Jessica:close your eyes and I'll close mine on the count of three: 1...2...3!!

Once i had said 3 all I felt was Sophie putting makeup all over my face!! I couldn't help but to laugh so loud!! Though after about a minute of doing blind makeovers I heard my phone ring and I ran over to see that Louis was face timing me!! I answer forgetting I had makeup all over my face!

Louis POV

Louis: Zayn!!we should FaceTime jessica and Sophie to see what they're up to since they're having a sleepover!!

Zayn: omg yess!!

I went to Jessica's name on my phone and started calling her in FaceTime. She answered after a couple of rings but when she answered she had makeup all over her face. Me and Zayn just burst out laughing!!

Louis and Zayn: you are looking lovely ladies! Which they said in such a sarcastic tone.

Jessica: hahaahahahah

Louis: so umm.. Jessica what happened hah

Jessica: we're doing blindfolded makeovers!!

Louis: haha turned out beautiful!(he said sarcastically) if I was you I'd stick to using a mirror!

Louis: so umm..jessica..I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go out sometime?

Jessica: omg yes! When and where

Louis: how about tomorrow, I'll pick u up at about 6?

Jessica:okay and where?

Louis: that's for me to know and you to find out!

While me and jessica were talking I heard Zayn and Sophie talking on another phone and I noticed Sophie walking out of the room which her and jessica were in?

Jessica's POV

Jessica:Well Louis I'm tired, so I'll see you tomorrow!!

Louis: okay see you tomorrow!!

And before I knew it he had ended the call after our goodbyes! I don't know why though it just felt so right on FaceTime with Louis, like we only met and I feel really close to him?!

Sophie's POV

Zayn: wanna go out tomorrow because I know Jessica's and Louis going out so i thought we know..go out on a date aswell?

While I was on FaceTime to him and he asked me on a date it was so cute because he started blushing and stuttering and it was a major turn on to me!!

Sophie: omg yes sure! Where and when?

Zayn: ummm.. How about tomorrow and I'll pick you up at about 6:00? And the rest is a secret!

Sophie: okay well I'm going now cus Jessica's off FaceTime with Louis so that probably means she wants to go asleep so yeah bye!

Zayn: okay I'll see you tomorrow bye!!

Jessica's POV

Jessica: was your 'talk' with Zayn?

Sophie: good! He asked me out on a date tomorrow!

Jessica: omg Louis asked me out on a date too! What time is he picking you up?

Sophie: 6:00! What about you and Louis?

Jessica: omg he said he would pick me up at 6:00 too! Do you think it's a double date?

Sophie: it probably is!!

Jessica: I can't wait! How about we take this makeup off and go to bed so we can get off on a good start tomorrow?

Sophie: sure!

We washed all the makeup off (it took ages!) and we went asleep!

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