Save Me

Riley Muse is a Freshman at Eastern High. Her high school life was rough around the edges for her first month there, but now there is an unexpected flip in her life. "Beautiful Nightmares can become a Reality"


1. It's Just the Beginning

Just another ordinary day in Easton High; the school of The Werewolves (Our Mascot).


The school with the colours Red and black.

Non-semestered and Non-Uniform. It's quiet a change for me because I have been in uniform schools in both elementary, and middle.


We are in the middle of October and school started in September, so it's still just the beginning. Great.

My schedule has gotten changed around so much that today is my first day in a new english class.. Even Better.


I have about 15 minutes to get to my english class.

"Bye Riley! I'm going to the guidance office." My friend Sabrina Turner said.

Oh yah, I forgot to say, I'm Riley Muse. 

Sabrina left and I started making my way to my locker. Up, up, up. All the way to the third floor.

"Gosh. Why does the elevator only go to the basement and first floor." I said. 


As I walked to my locker, I bumped into my ex. "Oh sorry." He said turning to see who it is. Once he seen it was me, he turned away.

"Daniel... Why are you ignoring me?" I asked. When we broke up, about two weeks ago, we agreed to be friends. I know it's awkward, but the way he is ignoring me is ridiculous.

He ignored me and walked away.

I'm pissed because every time he sees me he'll literally run away.


I calmed down and opened my locker. Taking out everything I need before lunch, which was my english binder and art binder. Then made my way to english.


"There you are! I got you a seat in your favourite spot!" My friend Janet Theresa said.

She grabbed my arm dragging me to the class.

Once I entered the room, I realized it was a very small class.

Janet saved me the back seat. I love sitting in the back.


"Janet even if you didn't save the seat, I'd get it at whatever cost." I said.

"Don't kill me! Only Riley." She said and I nodded my head proudly.


When the bell rang, in total, the whole class is only 8 students.


There was Janet, my other middle school friend Illiana. Then the people I was aquatinted with Zina, Stacy, Dexter, Dave, and the girl knew of but never met, Lexi.


In the beginning of class we had to read books. We had a decision. I'm in love with the supernatural. Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Twilight, you name it.

Sadly there were no books similar, but you know English is English.


Next class before lunch, art.


I got to art class and took my seat, ready to get through. But then I finished most of my work and decided I needed  break. I got permission for a washroom break and went.


Once I walked out of the washroom, a guy was staring at me from across the hall.

"Umm can you help me find my class?" He asked.

"Are you a grade 9?" I asked nervously.

He was tall and cute. He had dirty blond hair, with caramel brown eyes.

"Yeah." He must be lying. It's not possible for a grade 9 to look like that. Grade 9 guys in my school, gross.

"What class do you have?"

"Room 313." 

"Well, follow me." I said going to the staircase.

There are 4 flights of stairs in every staircase. 


One flight... Two flights... Three flights... Four flights...


I turned to see if the guy was following but he wasn't.


"What the-" Some one grabbed my mouth.

"Shh... Shh. Sorry sweetheart. All I really wanted was a snack." He said. I tried to move but I couldn't.

I felt his tongue on my neck and all I could think, Vampire.


I bit his hand and screamed.


"Riley!" I turned seeing my friend John.

"John!" I said.

"What the hell are you doing to her?! Let her go!"

"Okay." The guy dropped me down one flight of stairs.


I got back up holding my back in pain.


"John, leave!" I said.


"You're so stubborn."

"It's not the time Riley." He said and tried to come help me, but the guy stopped him.

"It's either I hurt her, or you." He said talking to John.

"Don't hurt him!" I said and the guy used some type of power pushing me down another flight of stairs.

"No!" John yelled.

"Is she your girlfriend or something?" 



I was thrown down another flight of stairs.


This time getting up was a struggle.

"Stop it! She's in pain!" John yelled.

"That's the point!" The guy said throwing me down the last flight of stairs.

I gave up on getting up..


"Next option. She's dinner or you die." All of a sudden police sirens were herd.




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