Save Me

Riley Muse is a Freshman at Eastern High. Her high school life was rough around the edges for her first month there, but now there is an unexpected flip in her life. "Beautiful Nightmares can become a Reality"


3. Back in School

Riley's P.O.V

I'm back in school. Outfit on point. And I'm more popular. Everyone is shocked it took me a day to recover from falling down floor flights of stairs.

I know.. A day?!

It was nothing really.

I'm in my rolled up, ripped jeans with black combat, my black button up and black leather jacket.

I'm in my last period class with Janet, John and Iliana.

Iliana sits exactly across the class from me. I sit in the very back and she was forced to sit in the very front.

Janet sat one desk across from me and John sat a couple desks across from me.

He takes a few glances at me.

The teacher teaches, but it's hard to listen knowing vampires exist.

I'm going too deep into thought.

"Mr... Can I please go to the washroom?"

"Yes you can Riley." And I leave.

I walk to the washroom and just glance at myself in the mirror.

"I never thought I'd be so scared."

I stared into the mirror closely seeing a figure behind me.

All of a sudden the mirror breaks.

Glass shattering everywhere.

I'm pushed to the ground where glass enters my hands.

"Agh.. " I say wincing in pain.

"I want blood now."

"What's your name any ways?" I ask.


"Well Luke, you didn't have to do that!"

"You could've just asked!" I said.

"So dedicated. I like that." He said pushing me against the wall. He bit his hand and forced me to drink his blood.

My hand started healing.

"That was gross." I said making a sour face.

"It helped didn't it?" He asked staring at me in my eyes.

As he was about to drink my blood, the door opened and he was gone.

"Why are you on the wall like that?"

"Why are you standing like that?" I said running out.

I can't let Luke or John find me. I sprinted to class and slumped in my seat.

John stared at me.

I licked my lips, making sure no blood was on them.

And stared at my hands that some what healed. Don't know how vampire logic works.

"Riley what took you so long?"

"I didn't take long."

"Well class is almost done."

"I don't know. It seemed like a few minutes."

5 minutes before the bell rings.

I stand by the door always, with John.

"What took you so long?" He asked.

"Nothing." I said avoiding eye contact.

"Stare at me and tell me nothing." He said.

"I said nothing."

He touched my hand and I winced.

"I seen that. He came back. Didn't he."


"What happened to your hand?"

"John... Nothing."

*the bell rings*

I blaze out the door to my locker.

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