They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


9. Chapter 9



            Niall's pov


 i  had planned the perfect day. The day that Ava has been going off about for ages. Now don't get me wrong i'd love to spend quality time with her now that i just got her but this is not what i do, i'm not very good at this and i don't really know how far to go. I've been checking on social medias and i saw a lot of people post about doing stuff and then captioning them with "Relationship goals"  when i stumbled across Ava's tweet.

"  I just wish wish that someone would take me out on a romantic picknick and cuddle all night, and then watch the stars "Relationshipgoals " 

That was what i was planning to do. I was going to take her out for a romantic picknick and then we are going to watch the stars and possibly the sunset. I found just the right place and i also booked a cottage nearby. The cottage was set very weirdly because you had to cross some kind of bridge that was hanging very loosely and i've been there before since i used to spend a lot of time there with my sister Henriette. 

" Bye Henri " i yelled at my sister with my over night back hanging from my shoulders. She came down the long stairs and looked at me. " Where are you going? " she asked me since i didn't tell her about this date. " I'm going to pick Ava up and i'm taking her on a date at the rosewood park where the cottage is" i told her and she switched from being curious to mad. " Why would you do that? that's our place, we used to be there when we were kids. You can't just do that" she yelled at me. " Do what ? " Now i was starting to get angry at her. " You never take me out anymore and you're never with me like the way we used to before, You know what go, go with her i'm better of without you anyways" She yelled at me and i sighed.

" Why the fuck are you so dramatic? you're acting like you're my ex girlfriend. Yes we Used to do those stuff but you've grown and i've grown and you're my sister for gods sake not my mom so i do whatever i want to do and that's final, i'm not going to talk about this with you anymore, bye" I said and walked out of the door. I had borrowed a car from Louis since he owns pleanty of them and i drove to Ava's house.

I knocked on her door and she answered. She looked amazing. I love the casual look on her. She's beautiful without trying to hard. A natural beauty. " Hey " she said and hugged me tight. We hugged for a few minutes since she wouldn't let me go. I guess i'm a good hugger. " Where are you taking me?" she said and smiled. " You wouldn't know" i said and smiled back. " Ugh come on Niall, is this going to be like those cheesy movies that you hate ? i sighed but didn't give in. 

I asked her to pack a bag for a day and she really wanted me to tell her where we were going but i managed to keep my mouth shut. When she was done we hopped into the car and i started to drive. The Cottage and park were a few hours away so Ava ended up sleeping because it was quite early in the morning since i wanted to be there with her for as long as possible. 

We arrived and i parked the car not too far away from the car and i led her to the cottage. When she saw it her mouth was hanging open. I could see that not even a single word would come out. She kissed me and then she hugged me, when we were done she looked at the little bridge that we had to cross. 

" Uh Niall i don't know if i'll be able to cross " she said and i laughed. " Take my hand" i reached my hand out and she took a hold of it. I then carried her into the cottage. " Hey i can walk by myself you know, i do have two legs. See" she said and waved them infront of me. " I know but i don't just want to treat you like a princess, from now on you're my queen, babe." i said and she smiled. 

I carried the package and we unpacked everything and settled in as good as we could since we weren't staying too long. I told her to put on her bikini and i put my shorts on. When we were done and ready to go carrying some snacks i once again helped her to cross the bridge. She started getting the hang of it. " See it's not too bad" i told her. " I guess, but it makes a lot of noises and it's such a long way down" she said and i nodded. " I know " i told her.

We arrived at the spot that i wanted to go to and we sat down. " This is so beautiful, i have to take a picture" she said and so did i. When we were done we started talking. Not just small talking but we were talking about deep stuff, like how we see ourselfes and how we act.

" I haven't changed much i guess, people still call me boring Ava without even knowing me. I don't think i'm boring but maybe that's because i know myself better than anyone. If people just took some time to get to know me i guess that maybe they would like me more, but unfortunatly the world doesn't look like that" she said and looked down and started to pick small flowers.

" People said i've changed so much. Well here's the truth, i grew up. I stopped letting people push me around all the time. I also learned that i can't always be happy. I started to accept reality. I guess if we were happy all of the time we wouldn't appreciate those happy moments that you love, just like i feel happy now. Infact i've never been happier" i said and she looked up at me. She made a flower crown out of small flowers and she put it on my head. " It looks cute on you" she said and started playing with my hair. I kept on talking because i wanted her to know how much i really love her. 

" Niall i'd rather be with you than anyone else, i Love you. I'm scared of saying it but i do, i do love you" she said and i smiled. i've never been this happy.  By now she was sitting very close to me and leaning her head on my shoulders. I sighed, The flower crown was still resting on my head. " Who would really pick a daisy in a field of flowers?" i asked her and she grabbed my face. " You know, i'd pick the daisy because there are plenty of roses but there's only one daisy, and you're that daisy" she said and that's when i realized just how much i actually love this girl. " But if it cheers you up then i'm not the prettiest girl so i don't really know what you see in me" she said and this time it was my turn to tell her how much i love her. 

" Well you see i'm attracted to intelligence, not the book smart type of intelligence, i could care less wheter you've gone to college or how much money you make because of it. I like intelligent conversations that makes me think even hours after it's ended, And you have no idea how many times i wanted to tell you how i really felt, but i didn't, i was too scared so i kept it all inside. Like i always manage to do somehow. But i also somehow do know that i love you"


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