They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


5. Chapter 5


  Niall's pov


 " Where have you been?" Andrew my mothers boyfriend said and i noticed that he was infact very angry at me.       " That's none of your business" i glared at him. " If you were out selling drugs again i'm calling the cops" my so called dad said. " So what? i'll tell them that you are abusing Henriette" i threatened him and he backed away and pointed his shaky finger at me. " What? you are scared aren't you? " i snickered and he just backed away into his office with his finger still ponting and shaking at me. " You wouldn't dare" he said walking into the office slamming the door after him. The thing is that he is not my real dad. My mother married Andrew 2 years ago and i think that's the biggest mistake that she has ever done. He is very abusive and my mother doesn't know anything. He told me that if i ever tell anyone about this he will kill my sister and my mother. I would tell her but then again i don't know what that evil man is capable of. I wouldn't risk my mothers and sisters life like that. 

My sister Henriette came out of her room and looked curiously at me from the top of the stairs. " Hey Nialler what's up with all the screaming?" she said and smiled. " Oh nothing , just discussing a few things with Andrew" i told her and her eyes widened. " Why? he will only hurt me and you worse" she said and she was shaking a bit. Yeah , that's just how scared she is of Andrew. " Don't worry Henri , i will always protect you" i told her and she ran down the stairs and hugged me. " I love you Ni " she said and i just nodded. 

" I should probably get going" she said and put on her shoes. She already had her black coat on. She looked like she was going somewhere special. " Where you goin' ?" i asked her. " Oh uhm , i'm going to study at Abbies house" she said but i didn't quite believe her but i decided to agree anyways. " Don't come home too late " i said and she rolled her eyes. " Okay dad" she said and rushed out fromt the big house that we now live in. 

I put on some sweats and popped the beer can open. I was getting comfy just sitting down in my own couch in my big room. I was watching Tv when i doozed off. I woke up a few hours later all sweaty and the Tv was still on. It was midnight and it was really dark outside. I hope that Henriette is home now. I knocked at her door and nobody answered. I walked in and her bed was perfectly made and i couldn't see any dirt or trace of her whatsoever. She was a very clean person. I decided to look through the house but i found no evidence of her. 

I was getting worried and put on my shoes and jacket. I rushed out of the house and i went to Abbeys home. Liam lives there so i know them very well since he is one of my best mates, Thank god. I knocked on the door and Liam opened it. " Hey man " he said but i was to stressed to greet him back. " Where's Henriette?" i almost shouted at him. " Uh i dont know man , Abbey said that she was going to Henriettes to study" he said and i was now on the verge of fainting. " What? she told me she was going here" i said and Liam finally understood.

" Lets go find them" he said and threw on his shoes not even caring about his jacket. We hopped into his car and he started driving to Zayns house. He opened the door and ofcourse Daisy was there. " Hey " Liam  said trying to be  nice but i think we woke them up because Daisy was glaring at us like she wanted us dead. " Have you heard anything about a party or something?" Liam said and it finally made sense. " No , sorry" Zayn said and wrapped his arms around her. Daisy looked at us. " There was supposed to be a party somewhere closeby probably down the street.

Me and Liam didn't even say goodbye we even left the car there. We ran down the streets like maniacs and we finally arrived to the house and it looked like a party was going on in there. There was loud music and some people were outside drinking and laughing with their friends. Me and Liam walked into the house and people were just looking at us since we didn't belong there , i guess we're too old, there were just a bunch of 16 years old here. 

I found Henriette and she was with Abbie and they were dancing with boys. They danced in a way that only adults do and it was so inappropriate for a 16 year old girl. I walked straight to her and grabbed her hand. " Hey! wait for your turn" she said and i was disgusted. She finally noticed that it was me and her eyes widened. and she started to look away. " Look at me Henriette" she started shaking since i don't call her Henriette i always call her Henri. " What are you doing here? " i asked her with a stern voice. Since our dad is not here i will have to act like one. 

" I uhm , i thought that it would be nice to come out a bit from the house and Andrew" she said and i instantly knew the feeling of wanting to get away from there.But i don't understand why she smell like smoke, maybe she smokes? maybe that's why she's always out in the balcony. I've seen her there a couple of times , plus the fact that she smells alcohol and she is probably a bit tipsy i mean she can't even stand straight. 

She started crying on my shoulder and i felt bad. " Hey lets just get you home" i said and she nodded. When we were on out way out i saw Ava trying to get her brother. She saw me and started to blush...




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