They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


 Ava's pov

I was trying to fix my hair in a nice ponytail for once but it just didn't look right.  Mackenzie invited me to her Halloween party and i decided to go since i usually skip parties and stay home. Tonight is going to be different though. I am going to dress up and have fun instead of watching Netflix and eating candy while feeling sorry for myself. Even though it sounds very tempting i'm still going to show up at the Halloween party and maybe i'll make some new friends. Eh who am i kidding? i'm antisocial anyways.

After an hour of me trying to fix my hair in that stupid pony tail that i saw on a YouTube tutorial which by the way seemed super easy i decided to just go with the half up - half down hairstyle. It has kind of become my signature hairstyle since i  wear it everyday because my hair just looks like a mess when it's down.

Since this party was kind of unexpected i didn't have a very nice costume so i decided that just wearing a white top and put some fake blood on it. I was lucky enough to find some vampire teeth that has been collecting dust for a year. I cleaned them and then put them on and then i continued with a light makeup and some blood on my face,

I heard a knock on my door so i went to open it and there stood Zoe. She hugged me and said hello. " Look at you , you pretty little thing" she said and i laughed. " What about you , sooo cute" i said and she just rolled her eyes because she knew that i was joking with her and she hates it when someone calls her pretty. " Soo should we get going then , i bet everyone is waiting for us" she said and laughed at her joke because i know that it was the exact opposite. " Yeah i guess , don't want to keep em' waiting" i said and we both laughed at our stupidity and sarcasm.

When we arrived at the house it was dark and there was pumpkins everywhere and it smelled like alcohol and the closer we got to the house the more alcohol it smelled. I sighed before stepping into the chaos that i was just about to witness. There was two types of people here , the ones who was on the floor absolutely smashed and the other ones who would end up on the floor by the end of the night. Oh and then there's those " goody two shoes" people who get dragged by their friends and don't drink anything , kinda like me. 

I immediately regretted the decision of coming here and now i know why i never go to parties like this. I sat down on the black leather couch just waiting for someone to come and say hi. not that i expect anyone to care but yeah why not i guess. After a while of just watching people dancing and playing beer pong i had enough. I bumped into Mackenzie since she was sitting on her boyfriend Louis lap. "Hi " she said and smiled. She was pretty cool. Half of her face was painted as a skull and she had a black and white dress with a big bone print on. " Hi " i said quietly and she just smiled sadly at me because she knew that i hate these kind of parties.

I tried to have fun but i was just to shy. Some people looked at me weirdily since i don't look or seem like the girl that parties , and at the fact that i was just walking around while drinking my soda. People were dancing , laughing and making out and here i was just staring at them. I decided to get some more soda since my red cup was empty. I went into the kitchen where people were poring up drinks and i spotted the soda, while i poured it into my cup someone scared me. " Boo " The boys voice said and i didn't reckognize it from anywhere. 

" Uh hi " i said once i saw that it was the mystery boy " Hello beautiful what's your name" he asked me while smirking. I was surprised at the fact that he was asking me. " Uh Ava " i said and he nodded. " Beautiful name , i'm Niall also called Kid twist round' here" he said and for the first time i noticed that he had an irish accent and i must say that it was hot.

" Cool " i said trying to make it seem like i didn't care. " Why are you drinking soda little miss innocent?" he joked in quite a harsh way. " Because i'm not addicted to drinking that shit called alcohol" i said sassing him and walked away. All of the boys around him started laughing and making fun of him. I decided that i needed some fresh air because the whole place smelled like weed and sweat.

When i was outside there were people laying on the wet grass passed out and some people were trying to carry them in so that it wouldn't look weird if you passed by. I sat down on the porch and i found a cigarette and lighter. Since i'm such a curious person i decided to try to smoke for the first time. Stupid i know. I was just about to light up the cigarette when i heard a familiar voice yelling at me and i dropped te lighter with the cigarette still between my soft red lips. " Hey , why did you take my cigarette?" The mystery boy that i now know as Niall. " Uhm sorry , guess i just wanted to try it" i said ashamed of my actions and the fact that i was caught. He sighed and reached for the lighter beside me. He lit my cigarette and ordered me to inhale, so i did and i started coughing and he just started to laugh.

" Innocent girls like you shouldn't smoke , princess" he said and i just blushed at the new pet name that i got , and honestly i liked it.

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