They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


 Daisy's pov


I was on my way to pick up my bag since school was over for the day when my phone started beeping. 

Zayn m.

Hi babe come 2 da lockerz , luv u xxx


I rolled my eyes at his awful spelling but i didn't reply since i was almost at the lockers anyways. I wonder why he wants to meet me. Did i do anything wrong? As you can see i'm not very used to this whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing so i always get nervous thinking that i've done something wrong when infact it's probably just him wanting to say a quick hi. 

When i arrived at my lockers i saw Zayn standing there talking to Liam and Louis and when he noticed me he grinned and opened his arms. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek and stayed like that since i love his warm hugs especially when he wears that red sweater that i love so much, and he just happen to wear today. " Hi babe " he said laying his head on top of my head. " Hello Zayn" i said breaking out from the hug since it got akward with his friends standing there just smirking at us. 

" Aww little zayn is going to turn into a good boy in a matter of time " Liam said and Zayn glared at them . " Never" he said and that kind of hurt. I always thought that i would be able to change him but i guess not. " Hi to you too guys , why do you never say hi to me?" i asked them with a faked sad tone. " Because you're all up in Zayn's face everytime we see you" Louis said and him and Liam High-Fived. " Boys" Zayn said while glaring at them. " Not now" he added and he took my hand and led me out.

" Where's Niall? " i asked him since i haven't seen Niall in a while. I kind off missed him since i am the closest to him and he is like my  brother. Niall and i have a lot more in common than anyone would ever think. " He is uhh" Zayn said not really sure of what to tell me since i know that Niall doesn't want his secret to come out. " I already know about his sister Zayn , don't worry he told me " i said and Zayn let out a relieved sigh. Even though i knew he didn't want to tell me so he just ignored me.

He led me to the motorcycle and i sat behind him and he gave me his motorcycle helmet which was black with red graffitti that he had painted on. " Is he coming to the party today?" i asked and Zayn turned around. " Why? do you like him?" he asked me in quite a rude but yet sarcastic way. " No , No i just , i don't know i was just asking i mean i haven't seen him for a bit i guess " i said and Zayn didn't bother answering my questions anymore.He dropped me off by my house. He saod goodbye and kissed me quickly since we didn't want to get caught and he jogged to the motorcycle and waved goodbye while driving away.


Ava's pov


when i got home there was an on going chaos as usual. You see my brother is crazy. I don't know why he turned out that way but he skips classes and basically don't go to school since he would rather smoke weed and party with his so called fucked up friends. My family is not normal. People think that we are the perfect family , two kids , mom , dad , and a cute dog. We also own a nice house and two nice cars. But people don't know the reality. They don't know what happens behind closed doors. My parents are also in denial , they like to think of us as a happy rich family where everyone loves eachother. 

I am so mad at my brother for ruining our family. I don't know what turned him into such monster but he is crazy. Atleast from what i saw today. Things were smashed my mother was crying and i could hear my dad screaming at my brother. I rushed up our fancy stairs to my brothers room. It was a quite depressing room. It had black walls and a black seiling covered with stars that would glow in the dark and i remember them because i helped him to put those up when we were younger and i would always sleep in his room with him and we would watch the stars all night just naming them and talking about stuff.

I used to love my brother but he has become someone that even i don't know. He closes everyone out and doesn't talk to anyone and when he does he only gives short answers but when he is with his friends he is the same old brother that i used to love so much. I do know that he has some good in him even though my mother keeps claiming that the devil has taken over his soul i know that's not true.I guess he's just a little broken. 

Anyways as i said i opened his door and found my dad and brother screaming at eachother only this time i could hear them much clearer. " You , you little idiot why? why did you do this to your own mother?" my dad screamed at him and i could see that my brother was trying to keep the tears away. " I swear it wasn't me" my brother claimed and honestly i believed him. Even though he has gone crazy i knew that he would never do something like this, not even close.

" Hey dad!  , please stop. It wasn't him it was me" i said and his grip loosened from my brothers t-shirt and he turned around. He was furious. " W-what did you say?" i could see the anger in his eyes. " I said that i did it" i said sounding confident but the truth is that i was scared. " Oh so now we have another fuck up for a child to?" he said while chuckling in a evil way. " J-just go dad" i said while pushing him out and when i knew that he was out i ran to my brother and hugged him while crying. 

" Why did you do that pretty ?" my brother asked and i broke down even more since he used to call me that a long time ago. Oh how i miss those days. " Because you said that you didn't do it and i trust you , i really do" i said and he looked sorry. " i love you but i'm used to them hating me and i wouldn't be able to stand them being mad at you just because of me" he whispered in my ear and i nodded while hugging him. Just like the old times

" I love you pretty " he said.

"i love you too brother" i said and we were still hugging eachother tightly not wanting to let go. simply because we were scared.



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