They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


10. Chapter 10



  Nialls pov


 I was sitting at our local cafe with my sister since she told me that she wanted to spend some time with me now that me and Ava are back since i'm not home that much. " So Niall, you know i don't like that girl that you've been hanging out with so i was wondering if you could tell me why you like her?" she said while sipping her coffee. I really don't understand what her problem is with Ava i mean she is not less of a sister just because i am actually starting to like someone and going out with her. " Uh sure" i said. I know just how much i love her but i have no idea how to say it in words, can you even do that? i mean can you even put love into words?  " She's beautiful" i said and smiled. " But there has to be more, i mean you can't just like her because she's beautiful, there has to be something more than that" she said. I know that i have 100 other reasons to why i like her but i didn't want my sister to get jealous over her. But at the same time i thought that maybe she will like Ava if i tell her just how much she means to me.

" Well, She's beautiful but not like those girls in the magazines. She's beautiful for the way she thinks, she's beautiful for the sparkle in her eyes when she talkes about something that she loves, she's beautiful for the ability to make people smile even though she's sad, she isn't beautiful because of her looks she is beautiful for deep down to her soul" 

" So you really like her " she said. " Yeah, I do " I said and she just looked at me. " This doesn't happen everyday " she told me. I could feel the silence in the coffee shop and it felt like we were the only ones there and i wanted nothing more than to sink into the ground. " No, but at least i have someone that i really like, i don't just date around like you " i said and i could see her face forming a frown. She stood up, grabbed her coffee and walked out of the shop without even saying a word. 

Maybe i was a bit harsh? i mean she is just a teenager after all. The weird thing is that she's in love with Ava's brother and I have never even met him. Maybe she and Ava has already met? What if they don't like each other. I decided to call Ava and tell her to come over to the park and she agreed to meet me there.

I walked there and the sun was shining and it seemed like a perfect day to spend with Ava, even though every day is a good day to spend with her. I saw her sitting on the bench and by the looks of it she had probably been sitting there for a while since she was reading her favorite book; Eleanor and Park. I walked up to her and sat down. She didn't notice me until i started to chuckle. She looked up from the book and smiled. 

" Didn't know you were here " She said and gave me a side hug since we were sitting on the bench. " Well I am, how are you doing babe? " I asked her. " Quite okay, just a lot of tests coming up this week" she said and i nodded because i also have a lot of tests, which i won't be doing. " So, you wanted me to come here " she asked and i nodded. " Uh yeah, I have to travel to Ireland next week " i told her. " Oh, okay " she said. There wasn't really much to say.

I had to go to Ireland because my friends over there are in trouble with some of their dealers. I am usually the one who fixes their problem and even though it can be annoying since Ireland is so far away from America they are my friends and i wouldn't let them down. The reason that they call me is because i have some history in the dealing industry and i know a lot about it. I also know a lot of dealers at home since i grew up learning this whole industry with them; and I use that as an advantage since my shit head friends aren't very smart. 

" Is something wrong Niall? " she asked me with a concerned voice. " N-no, not really, what would make you think that? " I asked. " You weren't answering my question " she told me. " Shoot " i said. " How long will you be gone?" she asked me. " Oh, i don't really know, it really depends on" i said. " Depends on what? " she asked me and she was starting to get irritated at me. " Uh nothing, actually i have to go now " i said and stood up dusting my pants off and walking away.

I can't let her know about what happend

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