Fallen Kingdom

A play I made up.


2. Scene 1

scene 1 Act 1

(In dirty Village sign saying The Sword And Shield. Enter young Sapphire wearing Brown cloak)


Young Sapphire: (To villager 1) How did this happen?

Villager 1: It's always been this way. Who are you?

Young Sapphire: I'm.........Saffy, Just Saffy.

Villager 2: You'd better get better run along now 'Saffy' Tommy can help you get back to the castle before dark.

Young Sapphire: Castle? You knew!

Villager 2: Tommy!

Tommy: (From above the pub) Yeah!?!

Villager 1: Come down and escort the the princess back to the castle!

Tommy: I'm here, whatcha say?

Young Sapphire: I'd love to stay and meet you, but I have to go.

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