Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


85. Chapter 91 : Big News

Helen's POV


Luke and I were sitting in the backyard talking about music, when we heard the doorbell ring.

Suddenly there was pounding at the door and the doorbell started ringing simultaneously.

It sounded like an army was behind the door.

Luke and I stood up and slowly went back into the house. We crept up to the door.

"Stay behind me," Luke said.

"I can defend myself, Luke," I insisted.

"I know you can, but just do it."

I held onto Luke's arm as he put his hand on the knob. I tried to peer over Luke's shoulder, but he was too tall. 

Luke opened the door and we were both nearly tackled.

There was a lot of cheering, hollering, and screaming. 

I couldn't get a look at our attackers, but during the chaos, I got elbowed in the face.

I rubbed my forehead and nose.

"I'm sorry, Helen!" Luke called out.

"It's fine," I replied.

I saw a head full of bright red hair and I realized it was Michael.

Calum and Ashton were here too. They were also freaking out about something.

"We just got great news!" Ashton exclaimed.

"The best news! I'm so excited," Calum added and smiled widely.

"This is so fucking awesome!" Michael yelled.

"What's going on?!" Luke asked.

"SO! You know how we've been posting covers over the past year or so?" Ashton asked.

"You post covers on YouTube?" I asked.

"Yea," Luke replied to both Ashton and I.

"And you know how we performed at the Annadale Hotel?" Michael asked.

"Yes," Luke replied a little more happier.

"Well, a man from the Capitol Record in the UK and the one in L.A., has contacted us! They've seen our covers!" Ashton added.

"They want us to go on tour!" Calum exclaimed. "TOUR!"

"Turns out we have fans in Australia and in the UK!" Michael said.

"Are you serious?!" Luke asked.

"Dead serious, man!" Ashton said.

"That's amazing!" I spoke up. "Congrats you guys!" 

We all hugged and exchanged excited words.

I jumped on top of Calum and wrapped my legs around his waist. I cupped his cheeks and kissed him.

"When is the tour?" Luke asked.

"It starts in May," Michael replied.

"We'll kick it off here in Oz. Brisbane, Melbourne, then here in Sydney, from there we'll fly to the UK and finally end the tour in America!" Calum said excitedly.

"This is fucking amazing! How long will it be?" Luke asked.

"Six months!" Ashton replied.

"Six months?!" Luke exclaimed.

Six months? 

Six months without Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton?

How will Calum and I survive six months without seeing each other?


Luke's POV


Tour! A TOUR!

I can't believe it! We can actually live our dream! This is insane!

I hugged Helen as she smiled widely at me. But her eyes didn't match her smile. Something was wrong.

Before I could ask, Ashton spoke up.

"We are going to have to do some rehearsing, song writing, all that stuff," He said.

"Yea, we cant be covering songs during our performances. Well we can, but not during the whole four hours of our shows. We have to perform our own stuff, our own songs," Calum added.

"We have, Gotta Get Out, Unpredictable, Disconnected, Independence, Too Late, we have to write a couple more songs," Michael said.

"Shouldn't we tell our parents?" I asked.

"True," Ashton said slowly.

"Yea, we'll talk to them about it, and get back to you. I'm so excited though!" Michael jumped on the balls of his feet.

They scurried out the door and I closed it. 

I turned around and Helen was staring blankly at the floor.

"What's up?" I asked.

She snapped back to reality, "Hmm?"

"I said what's up?" I repeated.

"Nothing," She looked away. I could tell by her body language and voice, that she was on the verge of tears.

"Will you miss me when I go on tour?" 

She nodded and pursed her lips, "Yea." Her voice was shaky.

Tears fell from her eyes but she quickly wiped them away.

I hugged her.

"You know I could ask them if they could make the tour shorter," I said.

"No!" She suddenly pulled away, "No, Luke, don't do that. I wan't you to go on this tour. This is your dream. Take this opportunity, don't let it slip away. It's now or never."

I smiled and hugged her once again.

"Let's see what Mom says," Helen said.

I laughed nervously when I realized I still have to tell my Mum.


It took two hours, Helen, the guys, and the guys' parents to finally convince my Mum to let me go on the tour.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I said continuously and got on my knees. I put my hands together as if doing a prayer and continued to say 'Thank you.'

Mum chuckled before hugging me. 

"I'm so proud of you, Luke," She said. "You'll do great things."

"Mom's right, Luke. You'll inspire people and make them happy. Your music will be a smash hit!" Helen added.

I can do this. I can follow my dream that I have always wanted to follow.

I can be like all those bands that have inspired me to be in a band.

Dream Big, Kid.


Sorry for short chapter, but hope you liked it! I'll update when I can. Love ya'll! :-) xx -HelenHood

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