Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


83. Chapter 89 : All Night

Helen's POV


That flight got me fucked up! My body is drained from traveling through all those different time zones.

"Jet lag is whoopin' my body right now," I said. "I slept the whole plane ride so I'm wide awake right now."

"Me too," Luke said.

"Let's pull an all nighter, yea?" I asked.

"Why not?" He shrugged.

"Are you two really going to stay up all night? It's barely 1 in the afternoon," Mom said.

We were carrying our bags to the house. Mom picked us up from the airport and we dropped the guys off on the way back.

"Yea. We'll watch Netflix. Scary movies, comedy movies, eat junk food. It'll be fun!" I said.

"Sounds good to me," Luke said.

I opened the house door and the familiar feeling of home warmed my heart.

Felt good to be back.

I went up the stairs and into my room. After dropping my bags on the carpet I collapsed on my bed.

I decided to text Adin.

Me: Just got back home. Flight was 18 hours and my sleeping schedule is going to be  messed up.

Adin: How are you going to fix that?

Me: Pull and all nighter with Luke. And if we even show signs of sleep, we'll just drink a Red Bull or Monster. Keep us up until 6 in the morning 

Adin: Good luck with that

Me; I know. It's gonna be hard, but then again you and I didn't sleep for two days straight. Remember?

Adin: That was horrible! I'm pretty sure I slept for a whole day after that.

I laughed.

Me: Good times

Adin: Totally. Okay, I'm going to go watch a movie ith the squad. Talk to you tomorrow, maybe. If you're not asleep, that is. Later hater

Me: Deuces Roofus

Adin: WTF Helen. You're so weird. Anyways bye

Me: Lol bye

I locked my phone and looked up at my white ceiling. Motionless.

My phone vibrated.

Dad was calling me. I tapped the screen.

"Hey Dad," I said.

"Hi sweetheart, land safely?" 

"Yea, I'm home now. Probably going to go outside and just catch some sun or just jump in the pool for the hell of it," I said.

"That's good. Is it hot out?" 

"Yea a little," I replied.

"I'm off to a day out with the guys. See you, sweetheart."

"Bye Dad!"

I hung up.

I pushed myself off the bed and changed into some jean shorts. I went downstairs and opened the door that led to the back yard. 

After taking my black socks off, I sat on the warm concrete and put my feet in the pool. 

I took a deep breath and the clean air filled my lungs.

"Home sweet home."

I turned around and Luke was standing by the door.

"Yep," I replied and popped the 'p'

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Just wanted to cool off," I replied.

"Wait stand up real quick," He said.

I furrowed my eyebrows but pulled my feet from the water and stood up

As fast as light he picked me off the ground.

"Luke!" I screamed, "Put me down!"

"okay," He said and threw me in the pool.

I barely had time to close my eyes or plug my nose. 

I resurfaced and Luke was laughing his ass off.

"That's what you get for tackling me into the pool!" He said.

I remembered back to when Calum and I jumped off the roof and into the pool. I also remember telling Luke to 'Move bitch!' as I tackled him into the pool.

"Well done, brother," I said and glared at him.

"Thank you very much, sister."

He extended his hand out and I took it.

I pulled back and Luke fell into the water too.

I started laughing.

He broke through the surface and wiped the water from his eyes. 

His blonde hair was soaked in water and plastered to one side.

"Aw you fuck," He said.

"Are you standing up?" I asked.

"Yea," He replied. "We're five feet deep water."

"I can't stand up, I'm floating," I complained.

"That's because you're short as fuck."

"I know." I swam to the edge and lifted myself out.

I twisted my water so I was sitting on the edge. Luke followed and sat next to me.

"Sorry," He said.

"For what?" I asked.

"Throwing you in the pool and calling you short."

I snorted, "I don't mind. It was funny."

"Did you two decide to just jump into the pool with your regular clothes on?" Mom asked from behind us.

Luke and I both turned our heads.

"It wasn't planned," I replied.

"Yea, I threw Helen into the pool and then she pulled me into the pool."

She shook her head, "I'll get you towels, I barely mopped the floor so I don't want any more water on the hardwood floor."

"Okay," I said and Mom disappeared back into the house.

I looked back into the water and swung my feet around the water.

"What are you thinking about?" Luke asked.

"Nothing, just some stuff," I replied.

"You okay?" He asked

"Yea, why?"

"I don't know, you seem a little down today."

"Nah, I'm good."

He nodded.

We sat there in amiable silence and waited.

The door slid open and I heard my Mom's flip-flops slapping the concrete.

We stood up and she handed us the towels.

"Thanks Mom," I said and took the towel.

"You're welcome. Now, I'm going to make dinner."

I dried my legs and arms. Then I pulled the towel to my body and made my way inside.

Luke was behind me.

I heard the sound of pots being moved around followed by the sound of my Mom's humming.

I went up the stairs and into my room. 

After stripping myself of my damp clothes, I went into the my bathroom and got in the shower. 

Warm water rained down on me from the shower head. I do most of my heavy thinking in the shower. I don't know why, it just seams reasonable.



"Are you ready to do this?" Luke asked.

"I was born ready," I replied.

He nodded and we jumped onto the couch.

It was one hour before midnight and we were pumped up to start our all nighter.

Luke and I were both dressed in our best and comfiest sweat pants with regular band tees.

The small table in front of us was full of snacks and junk food. I'm talking Sour Brite Gummi Worms, Lays (chile with lemon), Doritos, Hot Cheetos, four Red Bulls, a couple water bottles, two cans of AriZona tea, Snickers, and Beef Jerkey.

"This is gonna be awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Totally," Luke agreed.

"So what movie should we watch first?" I asked.

"What about X-Men Days of The Future Past or something like that, forgot the title," Luke said. "I've never seen it."

"Oh my god! Yes! Have you seen the other X-Men?" I asked.

"Of course I have," Luke replied.

"Let's watch it then!" I exclaimed.

I'm a huge Marvel geek so I fucking love Marvel movies.

This X-Men is probably the best I have seen.

I have a lot of favorite superheroes. Storm is so cool, I wish I had her powers.


"Please tell me there is gonna be another one!" Luke said after the movie ended.

"Yes, there is," I replied.

"When?" Luke asked, eyes wide.

"2016," I replied.

His shoulders slumped, "Seriously," He groaned. "I'm going to have to wait another year and a half?"

"I had the same reaction." I replied and popped a gummi worm into my mouth.

Luke chewed on a chip as we scrolled through Netflix trying to decide what movie to watch next.

"Let's watch a scary movie," I suggested. "Yea?"

"Sure, why not?" 

We decided on the movie 'Insidious.'

"Michael said it's scary and has suspense," Luke said.

"Cool, I'm excited. I've never seen it."

We waited for the movie to load.

Luke and I jumped when the movie title appeared on the screen. Just because it had creepy music.

"Holy fuck, the movie hasn't started and I'm already scared," I said.


I held onto Luke's hand tightly. The movie was getting very suspenseful. The Dad was in the other world, looking for his son because the red faced dude-Toy Maker-took him away. 

My heart was pounding in my chest.

The Toy Maker started chasing the Dad.

"Holy shit, Luke!" I squeezed his hand harder.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Run, dammit!"

"Helen, you picked a horrible movie," Luke said.

"I know," I replied with a shaky voice and continued to watch the movie.

It had some scary looking characters, but I kept my eyes glued to the screen


What. The. Fuck. Was. That?" Luke asked when the movie ended.

"That's a hella cliffhanger!"

"You think there's a second one?" Luke asked.

"Maybe, we'll have to search for it tomorrow," I replied.

"Or we can watch it right now. Look it's right there!" Luke said and pointed to the screen.

"Ah fuck it, let's just watch it," I said reluctantly.

Luke clicked on the movie and the second movie started. 


The second movie filled in the puzzle pieces! It all makes sense now. 

But it still ended in a cliffhanger.

"My eye's twitching," Luke said.

"So what's gonna happen next? That weird red guy is obviously going to haunt another family, but now it's the girl? What?! I'm done with this."

"What time is it?" Luke asked.

"Almost four," I replied.

"Two more hours. I'm getting sleepy, so I'm going to take a couple of drinks from Red Bull."

We both popped open a can and drank some of the energy drink.

I felt the cold liquid going down my throat. I could also feel the gas in the drink.

"So what now?" Luke asked.

"I don't know, let's just watch funny videos," I replied.


Luke and I ended up having a 20 minute debate on whether big foot exists. 

"He doesn't exist!" I said.

"He does! Have you seen the documentaries" Luke retorted.

"Yea, with all those documentaries why haven't they found him yet?" I asked.

"Because," Luke replied.

And with that our debate had ended.


We decided to watch Project X.

"Luke, we should throw a party like that," I said.

"You get the alcohol, I'll get the playlist ready with some speakers."

We laughed. If we ever threw a party like that Mom would assassinate us.

I ate a couple more chips and watched the movie.


"You two actually stayed up all night? Unbelievable," Mom said as she stood behind the couch. 

The table in front of us was a complete mess and Luke and I probably looked like messes too.

We both nodded.

Mom made small clicking noises with her tongue and went into the kitchen.

"Luke, are you sleepy?" I asked.

"Yep," He replied.

I was seven in the morning, we did it. We stayed up all night.

"We should sleep," I said.

Luke nodded and when his eyes closed, he immediately began to snore lightly. 

My head rolled to one side and it eventually rested against Luke's arm and my brain shut down and went into hibernation.



Thank you all for being so patient! Thank you for 300k reads! WTF! that's insaneeeee! I'll update tomorrow, maybe. Love ya'll! :-) xx -HelenHood

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