Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


67. Chapter 73 : Caught By The Law

Helen's POV


I grabbed the keys to my car. 

"Okay, hold on," I thought for a moment. "Yea, you'll fit in the car."

I walked to the garage door and opened it. 

The garage had a smell of car oil and brand new shoes. 

In the garage there were four cars. A silver Range Rover, a black Corvette, a white Mercedes Benz, and another car that had a cover over it. 

The cars beamed under the florescent lights. 

Dad loves sports cars, so he of course would have a few of them. 

I walked to the car that had the cover over it. I pulled it off and tossed it to the side.

I stared at my beautiful black Dodge Challenger. It's been my dream car since I could remember.

A Lamborghini used to be my dream car, but they were too fancy. I liked Challengers better.

I unlocked the car.

"Hop in," I told the guys.

"This is your car?" Luke asked.

"Yea," I replied.

"Your car is badass!" Michael said.

I smiled slyly, "Thanks. Now hurry up and get in."

Luke pulled the passenger seat forward so Calum, Ashton, and Michael could get in the back seats. 

I slid in the familiar black leather seats and gripped the steering wheel. 

I pressed a button on the control panel and the garage door started opening. 

I stuck the keys in the ignition and started the engine. 

It gave a deep and low rumble.

Music played from the speakers. 

I handed Luke the aux chord.

"What?" He asked.

I shook it in my finger, "Play music."

"Oh," he took it and plugged in his phone.

'Jesus of Suburbia' blared from the car's speakers.

"You drive stick shift?" Calum asked.

"Yea, my Dad taught me," I replied.

"Well obviously she does, I mean the car is stick shift," Luke said.

"Everyone got their seat belts on?" I asked.

"Yea," They replied in unison. 

I grabbed the gear shift with my right hand and put it on 1. I let go of the brake and slowly drove out of the garage. 

I closed the garage door and my foot slammed on the gas pedal and the wheels squeaked as I raced out of the circular driveway and onto the road. 

"Slow down, Helen!" Luke said and gripped the door.

"Sorry," I apologized but continued to speed down the streets. 



Calum's POV


I sat in the middle seat in the backseat of Helen's car. 

I watched her as she moved the gear shift from one side to the other. I had no idea how she could tell what to do without looking down. 

I have to admit, she looked hot, focusing on the road and having this determined look in her eyes. 

"Before we go to the hospital, I have to go buy some stuff," She said over the music. 

She got off the streets and onto the freeway. 

Luke rolled down the window and stuck his hand out.

"The air is so hot," He said.

"It's 100 degrees," Helen said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"It says right here," She replied and pointed to the small screen that showed the weather and the time right next to it. 

11:05 AM

The freeway went from curvy to straight. 

There was a highway above, below, to the side, across.

It was like a concrete jungle. 

"The city is so complex," Ashton said.

"Yea, it's great," Michael replied.

The City was behind us. Skyscrapers that seemed as tall as the sky itself where spread around, but close to one another. 

"Will we go to where all the buildings are?" I asked.

"You mean the Center? Yea sure, if you want," She replied.

Suddenly a siren started blaring behind us. 

"What's that?" Luke asked.

Helen turned down the music.

"Oh shit!" She said.

"What?" I asked.

"It's the cops," She replied.



Helen's POV


I saw the blue and red lights first, then the siren started going off. 

"What's that?" Luke asked.

I turned down the song.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Calum asked.

"It's the cops," I replied.

"Are you serious?" Luke asked.

"No, I'm just kidding. Of course I'm serious!" I bursted out.

"Oh no, we're getting arrested aren't we?" Calum asked slightly panicked.

I started driving the car to the side of the road. I put brakes on and turned the engine off. 

I propped my glasses on my head.

"Don't panic," I said. "We aren't getting arrested."

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a jail cell!" Luke said.

"You know what happens to people in jail?!" Michael shouted.

"I can't end up in jail!" Ashton said.

"Calm down, man!" I yelled.

"Just remain calm, don't panic. I'll handle this," I shouted.

I rolled down the window as the cop approached my window.

"Helen?" The cop asked. He took his sunglasses off.

I looked up and squinted at the man in front of me. He was in his early twenties, dark brown hair and green eyes.

I gasped, "Matty?"

"I thought you were in Australia? What brings you back?" Matty asked.

I opened the door, got out and gave Matty a quick hug.

"I was but I came back. I wanted to see Adin, on my way there actually" I replied.

He nodded, "Appreciate you coming back to see Adin. He's doing okay, I guess."

"Why aren't you with him?" I asked. 

"Chief won't let me go just yet," He replied.

"Ah, I see."

"Do you know who did it?" He asked.

"I have a suspicion, but I need Adin to confirm it. Hopefully he speaks, I heard he hasn't spoken since he got put into the hospital."

"No, he hasn't. And If you do find out who did it, tell me please. I must know."

"Yea certainly. I'll give you a call," I said.

"Ow!" I heard Michael say.

Matty arched a brow.

"Oh, uh," I poked my head in the car. "This is my brother, Luke and a few friends from Australia."

"You and your brother look nothing alike," Matty said.

"So we've been told," Luke said.

Calum waved, "I'm her boyfriend."

"I thought you were dating Bradly Chase?" Matty asked.

"I was but then I realized what a douche he was," I replied.

"Smart move. Okay, I'll let you go, but slow down, please," Matty said.

I nodded, "Of course, sorry about that. I was just in a hurry."

He turned and walked back to his patrol car.

"Bye Helen," he called over his shoulder.

"Bye Matty," I said and got in the car. 

"What was that?" Luke asked.

"What was what?" I asked.

"Do you know everyone in this town?" Calum asked.

"No, that  was Matthew Black, Adin's older brother," I replied. 

I saw the cop car roll past me and I started the engine once again. 

I pulled the car onto the highway. 


After a couple more minutes of being on the road, I got off on the freeway exit.

The car rolled down and I slowed into a stop behind three other cars. 

I rested my head on my hand. 

The cars started moving forward and I grabbed the gear shift and lightly stepped off the brakes. 

I could see the hospital building, before I went near there I parked in a CVS parking lot.

I turned off the engine.

"You guys wait here, I won't take long," I said.

"I'm coming anyway," Luke said and unbuckled his seat belt.

I stepped out of the car and closed the door behind me.

"I'm not going to lock the doors, okay," I told the guys.

"Kay," Calum said.

Together, Luke and I entered the store. 

We walked through the aisles and I grabbed a huge panda stuffed bear. I also got six helium balloons. 

I heard Luke laugh excitedly on the lane behind me.

He ran around and came towards me, clutching a giant stuffed penguin.

"Look!" He beamed.

"Oh a penguin!"

"Yea, will you buy it for me?" He asked.

"Luke you sound like a child."

"Please? I'll love you forever," He said and smiled widely. 

I shrugged, "How much does it cost?"

"I dunno," He frowned.

"Luke, the price tag is right there," I said and grabbed the small squared white paper.


"Yea sure, why not," I said.

He giggled.

"Now let's go," I said and we headed to the cashier. 

I ended up spending 50 bucks on those three things. 

We walked back to the car, I opened it and threw the panda bear in the backseat. 

"Holy shit!" Michael said.

"I thought that was going to attack me!" Calum said.

I stuffed the balloons in the back too. 

"Sorry," I said.

"How come Luke got a penguin?" Ashton asked.

"He got down," I replied

Michael, Calum, and Ashton were engulfed by those six balloons. 

I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot and towards the hospital. 


We entered the hospital lobby. I held the panda bear and balloons.

"Hi," I told the lady at the front desk, "I'm here to see Adin Black."

She looked at the computer, "All five of you?"

"Yes," I smiled.

"Okay, take these visitor passes," She handed me five passes. 

"What room is Adin in?" I asked.

"He's on the 7th floor, in room 708," She said.

"Okay, thank you," I smiled sweetly. 

I gave each of the guys a pass. 

I lead them to the elevator and waited for the doors to open.

They finally slid open and I got in.

I pressed the button to the 7th floor and the doors closed. 

The elevator music was the Pina Colada song. 

We all began to hum to the songs beat. 

"If you like pina colada, and getting caught in the rain," We sang.  "If you're not into yoga."

The doors open and my heart pounded. 

I stepped off the elevator and began searching for the room. 

We turned a corner after another. I finally saw my Dad standing outside the door marked 708. 

He was talking to Athena and Mark, Adin's parents.

"Helen, you made it!" Dad said.


Athena turned around and rushed towards me.

"Oh, Helen. I'm so glad you're here! It means a lot that you traveled thousands of miles for Adin," She said as she embraced me.

I hugged her back, "No problem, Athena, Adin is like a brother to me, of course I'd see him."

"Who are these young gentlemen?" She asked as she pulled away.

"Luke, my brother, Calum, Ashton and Michael," I said.

"I didn't know you had a brother," She said.

"She doesn't like to talk about me," Luke spoke up. 

I laughed.

"Helen, good to see you," Mark said and gave me a quick hug. 

I smiled, "Is Adin awake?"

"Go on in. Hopefully he doesn't have a heart attack. He doesn't know you're here. Still thinks you're in Australia," Athena said.

"C'mon," I told the guys.

I opened the door and poked my head in. 

My heart shattered.

He looked so...so broken.

Adin lay in his hospital bed. Connected to machines.

He had a needle inserted in his left hand's vein and in his right he had a needle in the fold of his arm. Connected to an IV that held a clear liquid. 

His head was wrapped in a single strip of cloth, his cheeks purple with bruises, lips were red and had a wound. His left arm was in a cast.

Tears swelled in my eyes.

I walked inside and set the panda and balloons on the counter, there were flowers, cards, and other balloons and gifts. 

I sat in the chair next to his bed and grabbed his right hand.

His eyes slowly opened.

"Helen?" he asked.

"I'm right here Adin," I replied and let tears fall from my eyes.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I'm here for you. No way in hell would I not see you," I smiled slyly. 

He attempted to laugh, but his broken ribs wouldn't let him. He winced in pain. 

"Adin, you're talking," Athena said from the door.

"Didn't have enough strength to talk, sorry," he apologized.

"No, it's fine. I'll be outside if you need me," She sniffled and closed the door.

"Adin, this is Luke, you know my brother," I said and motioned to Luke.

"You guys look nothing alike," he said.

"Yep, you're brother told me that, and your mom," I said.

"Who's Calum?" Adin asked.

Calum raised his hand.

"So you're the one that mended Helen's broken heart," Adin said.

"It wasn't broken," I mumbled.

"Yea, I healed it," Calum said.

"Well, take good care of her. Don't hurt her like Brad did," Adin said.

"I would never hurt her," Calum said.

"That's what Brad said," Adin muttered.

"If I ever do anything to break her heart, you and Luke can band together and beat my ass," Calum said.

"Deal," Adin agreed,

"Sounds good to me," Luke added.

"Oh, and that Michael and Ashton, they're good friends," i said.

"I like your hair, Michael. And your shirt is cool, Ashton," Adin complimented. 

"Thanks dude," Ashton said and rubbed his Jimi Hendrix shirt.

"Thank you Adin," Michael gave his award winning smile.

I looked back at Adin, "Who did this to you?" 

"Did what?" He asked.

"This," I motioned to his wounded body.

"Couple of guys," he said.

"Adin, tell me the truth, was it Brad?" I asked.

He looked away, "No."

"Don't you dare lie to me, Adin, I've know you and Brad for too long. If Brad did this, he probably got a couple of his friends to help him."

"You're right. Brad did do this. He was pissed, said it was my fault you left, also didn't like the fact I was denying the rumors he was spreading."

"He's such a...a douche! I don't know what I ever saw in him, Adin. I must've been blind," I muttered angrily. 

"The medicine is kicking in," He mumbled sleepily. 

I kissed his forehead and wiped tears from my eyes. 

He closed his eyes and fell asleep once again. 

My sadness was replaced by bitter anger.

And my anger craved one thing. Revenge.

I stood up, I knew what to do.

"What now?" Luke asked.

"It's time to go back to school," I replied.

"For what?" Calum asked.

"Take care of some buisness." I replied.


AHHH!! You guys! I keep leaving ya hanging, sorry. But the next update will be the update you have been waiting for! Also not sure if I'll be able to update tomorrow, so you MIGHT have to wait untill next Saturday. Maybe! Maybe, still not sure. Hope you guys liked the update and yea. Love ya :-) xx -HelenHood


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