Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


64. Chapter 70 : Finding Helen

Luke's POV 


"What's up, Helen?" I asked her. 

She was leaning against the door and looking at the floor. 

Suddenly she ran down the stairs. I heard the door open.

I quickly looked over the staircase and she was already sprinting out the house.

"Helen! Wait!"

What the fuck happened?

"Come back,"  I said as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

Fucking shit, she's running too fast. I can't catch up to her.

I reached the sidewalk and turned in a full circle. 

I saw Calum, Ashton and Michael to my right.

They looked confused, Calum was looking over his shoulder. 

I ran towards them and they did the same.

"Did you see Helen?" I asked.

"Yea, she ran into us, literally, she crashed into me," Calum replied.

I ran a hand through my hair, "Did she say anything?"

"No, she was crying, her eyes were red and puffy. What happened to her?" Michael said.

"I don't know! I asked her what was wrong and she bolted out the house! She can be anywhere," I pressed my hands to my head.

"We'll find her," Ashton reassured me.

"Yea, but she ran hella fast! How will we find her?" Calum asked.

"Billie Joe," Michael said.

"What? The dog? What's he gonna do?" I asked.

"Look, Helen and Billie Joe are obviously really close, maybe we can get him to track her down with his nose. Dogs have incredible sense of smell." Michael explained.

"How do you know that?" Calum asked.

Michael rolled his eyes, "Helen told me."

"That's not a bad idea," I said.

"Well, go get the dog!" Ashton said.

I turned and ran back towards my house. I bolted in and sprinted up the stairs. I reached Helen's door and opened it. Billie Joe was by the door.

"Hey, boy," I said. 

The dog wagged his tail.

I grabbed his leash off Helen's nightstand and hooked it through his collar. 

"Got him?" I heard Calum ask from the door.

"Yea," I said.

I kneeled in front  of the dog.

"Okay, Billie Joe, you're my only hope. Helen, find Helen," I said.

Billie perked his ears up.

I grabbed her red flannel off the carpet floor and held it up to his nose.

"Find her, find Helen," I repeated.

The dog sniffed the material and started smelling the carpet. 

He began to walked out of the room. I gripped the leash and followed him. 

We went down the stairs.

"Let's go," I told the guys once I reached the door.

"Should we call the police?" Calum asked.

"No, if we can't find her by the end of the day, we are calling them," I replied as Billie Joe tugged me along.

Billie started walking a little faster, causing me to jog. He still had his nose to the concrete sidewalk. 

We left the neighborhood. Did she really run this far?

My heart started beating faster as the sun slowly started to go down. I wiped the line of sweat that formed on my forehead. 

We stood next to a brick wall that was filled with green vines.

Billie Joe lifted his head.

"What's gotten into him?" Ashton asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

Suddenly Billie broke out into a full on sprint, causing me to lose my grip on the leash. 

I started to run after him before my mind can process what was happening. 

"Fucking shit," I cursed. 

Billie Joe leaped through something and when I reached the gate, I saw his leash go through the hole in the gate. 

He was running towards a small unconscious body laying on the floor. 


I recognized her black hair and small figure.

I shook the gate as if it were to open at any moment. 

Calum ran up beside me.

"She's right there," I said breathlessly.

"What? Really?" Calum asked and looked at what I was staring at.

"My beautiful angle," Calum whispered.

"Did you find her?" Michael asked.

"Yea," I replied.

"The door's locked," Ashton said.

I turned my attention away from Helen and looked at Ashton. 

"She must have squeezed through here," I said pointing to the small opening between the gate and the brick wall. 

Ashton nodded.

"Is this the abandoned car repair shop?" Michael asked.

"Yea, we have to get her out of there, who knows how many crazy people are in there," Calum said. 

"You think we fit through the gap?" I asked.

"Maybe, but how will we get out?" Calum asked.

"We'll figure out a way," I replied.

I saw Billie next to Helen, he had his head rested on her knee.

I started to sideway squeeze through the opening. 

I got my body through and ran towards Helen. 

I slid next to her and picked her body up. 

Her head was thrown back. 

"Helen," I whispered. 

I felt Calum next to me

"Baby, please," Calum said as he cupped her cheeks. 

I lifted her off the ground. 

"Luke," She mumbled. 

"I'm right here, Helen," I replied and I held her. 

She gripped my arms.

"Calum," She said as her eyes drifted to him.

"I'm right here, baby, right next to you," Calum said.

"Helen, what happened? Why did you run?" I asked.

She looked up at me. Her blue eyes foggy.

"Adin." Was all she said before she closed her eyes again.

Her body went limp in my arms. 

"Fuck, we have to get her out of here," I said. 


I looked at Billie Joe. I had a really bad idea, but it might just work. 

"Grab, Billie's leash," I told Calum. 

I carried Helen bridal style towards the gate.

"Okay, Michael, Ashton, I'm gonna need you're help. I'm going to hand Helen over to you, through the hole in the gate," I said.

"Are you crazy? What if something bad happens to her?" Ashton asked.

"Just do it!" I said through gritted teeth.

I kneeled and got her head through the gate, Ashton grabbed her shoulders, and with Michael's help got her halfway through. 

Michael held her legs and we finally got her entire body over the gate. 

Billie Joe jumped through the gate.

Calum and I slipped through the small gap. 

"Want me to take her? Or do you want to? I don't mind" Ashton said.

"I'll take her," I said.

Ashton handed Helen off to me. 

"Alright, let's get her home," I said.

We all burst into a run as we made our way back to my house. 

Calum held Billie's leash as we ran. 

Minutes later we arrived back. 

"Can you open the door?" I asked Calum. 

He opened it and I went up the stairs. 

I got to Helen's bedroom and I placed her on her bed. 

"Ashton, get me a towel with cold water," I said.

I heard Ashton leave the room.

Her skin was pale and her body was cold, but she was sweating. 

Calum grabbed her hand and held it. 

"Her skin is cold," He said. 

"I know," I replied.

"What do you think happened?" Michael asked.

"I don't know, when I asked her what happened all she said was 'Adin' before fainting." I replied.

"Adin is her friend, right?" Calum asked.

"Yea," I replied.

Ashton came back and handed me the cold damp towel. 

"Thanks," I said and placed it on Helen's forehead.

I had no idea what I was doing, but hopefully it wakes her up. 

I placed my head against her chest.

Her heartbeat was steady. 

"C'mom, Helen, wake up. Please," I whispered. 

I looked at her, as if she were going to wake up. 

She's not dead, I told myself.

She's still alive, just asleep, nothing else. She'll wake up. 

Calum kissed her hand. 

"Wake up, baby," He said. 

We all sat around her. Waiting.

Seconds turned to minutes. 

And what seemed like hours later, she finally opened her eyes. 

I could see her blue eyes. 

"Helen! Oh gosh, Helen! Thank god!" I said relieved and embraced her. 

"Luke," She muttered.

"I'm right here," I said.

"Where's Calum?" She asked.

"I'm right here, princess," Calum replied. 

"Helen, what happened? Why did you run? Why did you say Adin?" I asked.

She looked at me, her blue eyes watery, "I'm going home."

"Home? What do you mean? This is your home," I said.

And she replied with the words that I dreaded.

"Back to California."


OMFG!!!!! Next update will be Thursday! So hang in there. Hope you liked the update. Are you guys dying to find out what happens next? Gonna have to wait, sorry about it! Also sorry about all these cliffhangers. Love ya! :-) xx -HelenHood 

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