Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


4. Chapter 4 : The Copy Room

Calum's POV


When I first saw Helen, I thought she was gorgeous. Perfect. Then I saw he talking to Luke and knew he beat me to it. But when she said she was his sister, I felt a wad of hope.

I tapped Luke on the shoulder, "Aye, why didn't you tell me you had a sister?"

"She wasn't exactly the happiest topic to talk about," Luke sad with a glint of sadness in his eyes. "I'll explain later," He then says.

I nod. I look over to Helen, her black hair flowing down her back and she holds herself with confidence. It would be amazing if I got to date her, I imagines me kissing her and holding her hand,- wait, back up Cal! This is Luke's sister, she is off limits!

"Calum and Helen," Ms. Dawn says.

I perk up, my partner is Helen. She turns to me.

"Guess we are partners," she says with a smile.

"Yea," I return the smile.

"Alright, lets get this done," we start working on the worksheet and finish it in six minutes, she is way too smart.

"You are so smart," I say.

She laughs, "I've already done this before. Well, I am going to take the sheets up," she takes my paper and starts getting up and walking towards the desk. She almost tripped on a backpack, but she caught herself and laughed it off. I smiled.


Helen's POV

"Here you go Ms. Dawn," I say handing her the papers.

She looked at me, "Well, everything seems to be fine. You both got an A. Now can you please go to the copy room and copy  of each of these please."

I took the paper, "Sure," I said with a smile.

"Luke was right, you two are very different," she replied. I walk back to my desk, Calum is looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes. He smiled and it melts my heart.

"We have to take these to get them copied," I say.

"Want me to go with you?" He asked.

"Well, duh! I don't know how to navigate myself around this place," I reply.

"Okay," He said getting up.

We walked out of the class. It was silent for about a minute, but not awkward silence, good, relaxing silence.

"So, why did you move back to Australia?" Calum asked.

"Well, California was beautiful, but I missed Luke and my mom," I replied. Half was true, i just didn't tell him one of my main reasons to why I moved back.

"Cool, did you miss Australia?"

"Yea, i have to admit I did, I lost my accent, which kinda sucks," I laughed a little.

We were walking through the grass when I tripped, I waited for impact, but instead I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me up. I had my eyes closed and my legs tucked up. I opened my eyes and realized Calum was carrying me. I started at him, his beautiful eyes and kissable lips. I put my feet down and he let go of my waist.

"Sorry," I apologized.

"No worries, how much do you weigh?" He asked.

"99 pounds," I replied.

"Damn! You are skinny, one day, I'll take you to a restaurant that will make you gain a pound or two," he blushes when he realized what he said.

I laughed, "Maybe one day," I wink at him and begin walking. 

Calum ran up to my side. We entered the copy room and I went to the copy machine. I printed out the first 200.

"We are gonna be here for a while," I said.

"Did you meet any celebrities in California?"

"Yeah! I met Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Logan Lerman, Tyler Posey, Hoodie Allen," I replied.

"Wow, that's so cool."

"I also met Billie Joe Armstrong," I said.

Calum's eye widened, "What? Are you serious, he is a legend! And you met him?"

"Yea, I know right! It felt surreal when I met him."

We finished copying the papers and headed back to class. When we entered the class, Luke was smiling like an idiot. I gave him the death glare. Rebecca looked  at me and glared. I handed the papers to Ms. Dawn. She thanked me and I went back to my desk. Calum followed, everyone sat in their original seating chart seats. I slapped Luke in the back of the head.

"What was that for?" Luke complained.

"You know exactly what that was for," I replied. I turned and Calum was trying not to laugh. "Wipe that smirk off, Hood," I growled. he stopped smiling, but i could tell he wanted to laugh on the inside. I faced the front of the class.

The bell rang and I gathered my things and made my way to chemistry.

"Helen, be careful," Luke said.

"I will, don't worry about me Lukey," I replied.

"Lukey?" Calum laughed. Luke gave Michael a look and a silent conversation passed through them.

"Let's go," Michael said. We walked towards our next class.

"What was that about?" I asked Michael.

"What was what?" he asked.

"The look Luke gave you," I replied.

"Oh, he just wanted me to look out for you. In case something happens, to protect you," he replied.

If only Luke knew my untold secrets, he wouldn't need Michael to protect me. But if he knew ALL of my secrets he wouldn't trust me and probably never allow me near a guy ever again.

"He is very worried about me, "I said.

"Why?" Michael asked.

"Well, I am his only sister and he doesn't want to lose me again like he did the first time," I replied.

"he really cares about you," Michael said. I nodded.

We entered chemistry and I sat next to Michael. I got some stares, rolling eyes, glares, and gawks. When the bell rang and the teacher began talking, I immediately picked up on what he was talking about, I ha already learned this in California. I raised my hand four times and each question i got right.

"Damn, Luke was right, you are really smart," Michael mumbled.

"Hahaha," I fake laughed.

"So, you and Cal?" Michael asked.

I tensed, "What about me and Calum?"

"You like him?"

"He is a nice guy," I admitted.

"Oooh, Cal just got friend zoned," Michael teased.

I raised an eyebrow but started cracking up. "You're cool Michael," I said.

"Thanks, I try not to," He replied sarcastically, I laughed.

The bell rang and I got up, "Michael, where is the library?" 

"Beats me, I have never stepped a foot in that place," Michael replied.

I giggled, "Well, I want to check it out. Tell Luke that I'll be there, if he can find it, that is."

"You sure?"

"Yea, don't worry about me," I said. He nodded and walked off. I took a deep breath and started looking for the library.

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