Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


3. Chapter 3 : New school, new problems

Helen's POV

I woke up with Luke's arms around me and my arms around him. I untangled myself and slipped into the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and let it calm me nerves. Today was my first day at a new school, and I was nervous.

I got out and dried myself off. I walked into my room and Luke wasn't there anymore. I went to my closet and chose an outfit. I went with a black loose tank top that said 'Coldplay', black tight jeans and black converse. As I was pulling down my shirt, I stared at the huge bruise that was on my stomach it was deep blue and purple. It hurt a lot, I blinked back tears when I remember who gave it to me, I pushed the thought aside.

I went downstairs and grabbed something to eat. I sat down next to Luke, who was eating Honey Nut Cheerios. 

"Nice outfit, Hel."

"Thanks," I reply.

"So you ready?"

I wrinkled my nose, "Not really."

"Don't worry, you'll be great. Stick with me kid, you'll have the time of your life."

I laughed, "Okay, Lukey."


"You have a nickname for me, and I have one for you."

"You really are my sister," Luke smiled.

"Yup" I smiled back.

We finished eating and left for school. Luke pulled into the parking lot and there were only a few cars around.

"We're early?" I asked getting out of the car.

"Yea, I wanted you to get your schedule and meet the guys," Luke replied.

I smiled, we walked into the office. A lady with red hair looked up from her computer. She was about 50 or 60 years old.

"Mr Hemmings school hasn't started and you are already in trouble?" she asked.

"Not this time, Mrs. Smith. You actually have a new student," He replied pushing me towards the desk.

"Hi, my name is Helen Hemmings, I'm new," I say with a smile.

"Related?" Mrs. Smith asked.

Luke swung his arm around my shoulder, "She is my sister."

"and he is my brother," I agreed.

"Well, Miss Hemmings, if you are anything like your brother, we are going to have a problem," she replied.

"We can be both very different and very alike," Luke said matter-oh-factly.

Mrs. Smith got out a folder and handed me a paper, "Here is your schedule, welcome to our school," She said with a smile.

"Thank you," I smiled back.

We walked out of the office and Luke yanked my schedule before I could even see it. His eyes scanned through it.

"Sweet, we have first, third, and fifth together. But I'm pretty sure you have classes with the guys. You are taking art? And chemistry?" He asked.

"Yea" I replied.

"Wow, you are way too smart."

We entered the hallway which had two rows of lockers on each side of the hall. Luke walked down and I followed. 

He stopped at a locker, "Alright, this is yours." he pointed at one.


"It's next to mine and Michael's."

I got out my books for first. 

"Luke!" Someone yelled. My head snapped to where the voice came from. A boy with black hair, a white muscle shirt, black tight jeans, and a red and white flannel tied around his waist, came running towards us. I couldn't help but stare at him, he was cute.

"Hey mate," Luke said.

Two other boys came to Luke's side. The first had brown curly hair and a sweet smile. The second had green hair. Very punk. I stared at them and they saw me and raised an eyebrow. The other three guys were as tall as Luke, so I felt like a leprechaun.

"Luke, you going to introduce us to your girlfriend?" Curly haired boy asked.

"Man, Luke always gets the beautiful ones," the cute black haired one said.

Me and Luke burst out laughing. "What? No-" Luke was cut off by the green haired boy. Literally, the boy put his hand over Luke's mouth.

"Luke, let the girl speak," he said.

"Hello, what's your name?" Curly asked.

I was still laughing, "Helen Hemmings," I replied.

The black haired boy's eyes went wide, "Married?"

Luke pushed the hand away from his mouth, "No, you idiots, she is my sister." He put his arm over my shoulders and gave them a squeeze.

"Sister?!" All three ask in unison. I smiled.

"Luke, you going to introduce me to your friends?" I ask.

He motioned to curly, "This is Ashton Irwin." Green haired boy, "Michael Clifford. And this," he patted the black haired boy's shoulders, "This is Calum Hood." I gasped when I found who Calum was. They were still staring at me in shock.

"Earth to idiots!" Luke Yelled. They clicked back to reality.

"How can she be your sister? She doesn't have an Australian accent," Michael asked.

"Yea, she is tan, Luke you are white," Ashton said. I laughed.

"And she has BLACK hair," Calum points out.

"Touche, Calum, you have black hair. Yeah me and Luke might now look alike, but we are related. As for my tan, lets just say the California sun loved me," I reply.

"Helen had first with us, I don't think any of you have chemistry second," Luke mumbled.

"I have chemistry second," Michael spoke up. I smiled.

"Why didn't you tell us you were taking chemistry?" Ashton asked.

"You didn't ask," Michael replied. We walked to English class. I strolled over to the teacher's desk.

"Hi, my name is Helen Hemmings, I'm new and wanted to introduce myself." the teacher looked up and glared at me.

"Are you related to Luke Hemmings?" She asked.

"Yeah," I replied with a smile.

"Its bad enough i have one Hemmings, now I have TWO," She growled.

"Cut her come slack Ms. Dawn, yes she is my sister but she isn't a trouble maker, so don't disrespect her," Luke said from behind me and guided me toward the back seats.

"She doesn't really like me, so she thinks us Hemmings are all trouble makers." Luke whispered in my ear. I sat down and he sat down in the seat next to me.

"Well, now I know I'll be her favorite student," I say sarcastically.

Calum sits behind me Luke, Michael sits behind me, and Ashton in front of me. Class started and everyone came in the classroom. Girls stared at me, boys smiled and winked, I rolled my eyes. One girl in particular shot me the meanest glare, her group followed.

"Wow," I said.

Calum turned toward me, "You must have done something to piss off the Queen Bee, Rebecca."

"I didn't do anything!" I snap.

"Calm down, sis. She's right Cal, I was with her all morning, she didn't do anything," Luke defended.

Calum raised his hands in surrender, "Fine, but why did she glare at you like she was going to kill you?"

"I have no idea." I reply

"Morning class, we have a new student at out school," Ms. Dawn says. Oh great. I give the class a small wave and smile.

"Does she not know how to talk?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes, actually I do, but I'd rather not talk about myself and annoy the hell out of people," I replied.

"Miss Green, no insults to other students," Ms. Dawn ordered. "Alright class lets get started, you will be paired up with a classmate." She started calling off names. "Michael and Ashton. Luke and Rebecca."

Luke groaned and threw his head back. Rebecca smiled at Luke and twirled her blonde hair in her fingers. I rolled my eyes.
"Calum and Helen."

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