Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


25. Chapter 25 : These Are My Confessions

Calum's POV


I leaned in, I was finally going to be able to kiss her. Just as our lips were about to collide I heard the front door unlock. Helen quickly pulled away and jumped up on the counter, she acted casual. I just stood where I was.

I was so fucking close

The door swung open and Luke stood there with four boxes, three wrapping paper rolls and a huge bow. He looked pissed.

"What happened?" Helen asked taking a swig from her Arizona tea that she had popped open.

"What happened was that I had to wrestle this bow from some lady!" he said.

Helen burst out laughing.

"But its true, the woman was holding onto the bow and so was Luke," Ashton explained.

"Then she saw us stand next to Luke and she quickly let go, guess she thought red-haired guys are dangerous. She wasn't wrong," Michael smiled mischievously.

"So what did you guys do?" Luke asked.

"Nothing, just went out for some breakfast," Helen replied.

"Like a date?" Ashton asked.

"It was just a friendly outing," Helen said quickly.

Damn it. I thought it was a date. Guess not. Helen quickly changed the subject.

"So you guys are in a band, what are you called?"

5 Seconds of Summer," Ashton replied.

"Who came up with the name?" She asked.

"Me," Michael spoke up.

"I like it, its catchy. I want to hear you guys play."

"Well, we usually play at Michael's house," Luke said.

"Then lets go!" Helen exclaimed.

"Yea, sure I won't mind," Michael agreed.

We went outside and I got into my car. I was going to go back home after that. Michael got in the passenger's seat. Luke and Helen went with Ash in his car. She hadn't made eye contact with me since the almost kiss.

I started the engine and started driving to Michael's house.

"So, do you like Helen?" He asked.

Of course he would ask. "Yea, she's cool," I said keeping my eyes on the road.

"Yea. But do you like her? Does she made your heart race every time you see her? Does she make you all tongue-tied? Are you nervous around her? Do you always have the urge to kiss her? Do you find yourself admiring her beauty?"

Answer to all those question are yes. "i don't know about tongue-tied. I could talk to her just fine," I said.

"Bro, you like her! You have a crush on her. Admit it!" Michael yelled.

I sighed, "Yea, I have a small crush on her," I confessed. "But it's not like we can be together. I don't think she has feelings for me. Plus she is Luke's sister. Won't it be weird to date my best mate's sister?"

Michael simply said, "We'll see how things turn out."

And the rest of the ride was quiet and all I could think of was Helen.

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