Falling for Hood -BEING EDITED-

Helen has just moved back to Australia after years of living in California. She is living with her brother, Luke Hemmings. Something Helen didn't know is that Luke has a friend, Calum Hood. They immediately become friends. But when they start falling for each other, will Luke accept it or will he want Calum to back off his little sister?

© Helen Hood
All Rights Reserved.


20. Chapter 20 : Secrets

Helen's POV


That was a close call. Me and Michael went to get the pizzas. We entered and sat down at a booth.

"Michael, can I trust you to keep a secret?" 

"Yea, depends who we are keeping it from."


"What is it?" Michael asked. Should I tell him?

"Brad, he....he..never mind," I said backing out. I realized that I can't tell him. I can't tell anyone for that matter.

"Just tell me," Michael insisted.

"Helen, Mike, Ash, Luke, and Cal," Jared called. I sighed in relief and got up. I walked up to the counters.

Here you go," Jared said handing my the pizza boxes.

"Thank you," I said with the smile.

"Have a good day."

"You too," I reply. I turned and Michael took the pizzas from my hand.

"I got it," he said. I smiled slightly.

"Did you see the way he looked at you?" He asked.

"No, I actually did not."

"Of course, you only have eyes for Calum."

"Shut up, Michael."

We were about to walk out the door when I saw something that made me stop. We walked a little further and then I opened the door to Luke's car. I got in and so did Michael. Luke said and started the engine. He pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. We were all silent during the car ride back home.

Luke parked in the driveway and we all got out. Calum, Luke, and Ashton got out the things in the car. I unlocked the door with my new house key and stepped inside.

"Alright, lets eat! The pizza is getting cold," Michael said. We got plates and piled on pizza. I got two pepperoni and two Hawaiian. 

"Lets watch a movie," I said.

"Which one?" Calum asked.

"What about-" I was suddenly cut off by a massive hand placed over my face.

"No," I heard Luke say. I bit his palm, and he jerked his hand away.

"Did you just bite me?" He asked.

"Yea, and I was going to suggest we watch The Avengers," I said.

"I love that movie," Ashton said.

"Yea, lets watch it," Calum agreed. We all sat on the couch. The movie began and we were watching it intently.


*After the movie*


"I think we can all agree that Captain America is pretty hot," I said. 

The four boys looked at me. "What?" I asked.

Luke shook his head.

"But wouldn't it be really cool to be a superhero," Michael said.

"Yea," We all said in unison.

"So, Helen what's it like to like in glorious California?" Ashton asked.

"Pretty amazing, a great place," I reply.

"California in 5 words," Calum said.

"Um, Hot, beaches, alcohol, and movies." I said and furrowed my brow at the answer I gave.

"I wanna go there someday," Luke mumbled.

"Don't worry Lukey, I'll take you to 'Murica someday," I said.

"Hey what about me?" Calum asked and stuck out his lower lip in a pout. He looked like an adorable puppy.

I Laughed, "I'll take you too, Calum."

"Me too, right?" Ashton asked.

"I'll take all of you!" I exclaimed.

"After our travel planing the boys left. Me and Luke were sitting on the couch in total silence. I have to admit it was a little awkward. I was about to say something when Luke's phone rang.

"Hello?" He asked.


"Oh, Hi, Mum, yea I'm great." he said with a smile.

"No, actually Helen didn't make it. Her flight was cancelled, until next week."

I looked at him, confused. I made several hand gestures.

'Shut up,' Luke mouthed.

"Yea, I'm bummed out too, mum. So you are coming home tomorrow, right?" He paused and a look of sadness passed through him. "Oh, okay. No, it's fine. Alright, love you too, bye." He hung up.

"What happened? Why did you tell Mom that I wasn't here?" I asked.

"I'm going to surprise you. When she gets home, I'm going to hide you in a box an when she opens it, you pop out!" Luke explained.

"Great! I'm in!" I said. "How long has she been gone?" 

"Three weeks."

"You've been alone for three weeks? That's crazy, Luke."

"Well now, we won't be alone. We got each other."

I smiled and hugged him.


I was staring at the picture i just hung up, trying to decide it it was straight or not.

"Hey Helen," Luke said form behind. I turned and he was holding a box.

"You aren't thinking of putting me in that box, right?" 

"Is it too small?" Luke asked.

"Yes! I'm going to have to curl into a very small ball to fit in there. Do you have a bigger box or something like that?"

"I'll have to check. What time are you going to sleep, it's 1 in the morning."

"Uh, okay, dad," I said with sarcasm. "I'm not a child, Luke."

"Yea you are, you can also be really mean, sometimes."

"I"m not mean! People just piss me off. You're just too nice, Luke."

"Being nice is better than being mean."

"Shut up."

"Wait I know why you're mean."

"Why?" I asked getting annoyed.

"Because short people are closer to hell," Luke laughed. I just stared at him blankly. "You get it?" He asked laughing.

"Yea I get it you, Buttface." I said. I yawned, "Alright I'm going to sleep."

"Okay," he hugged me."You know I was kidding, right Helen?"

"Yea, I know Luke," i replied. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Luke said.

He closed the door behind him and I changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth, then hopped into bed. After various minutes of procrastination, I checked the time and it was three in the morning. Was I really on twitter for that long?! I stuffed my phone under my pillow and dug my head into the sheets.

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