I can't make you love me

Join Emily and James journey from the beginning


1. chapter 1

Emily's P.O.V

I never thought that I would actually be standing here, backstage at Xfactor in London. If you haven't guessed already I'm auditioning.

One of the backstage crew members walked over to me and told me I'd be on next. I took the microphone and waited until he told me they were ready.

I walked on stage and stood on the X.

"Hi" I said slightly nervous.

"Hi darling, what's your name" Cheryl said in her thick Geordie accent.

"My name is Emily"

"And how old are you Emily" Mel asked

"16" I answered

"What song are you singing?" Mel asked

"I'm actually going to sing one of my own songs"

"And what inspired you to write this song?" Cheryl asked

"Well my ex boyfriend dumped me not so long ago and cheated on me and said I was talentless and worthless."

" and what's the song called"

"Problem" I answered (I know it was done by Ariana grande but in this story she wrote it :))

I started singing my heart out letting all my emotions out into the song, after I was done the crowd went wild and everyone was standing up and cheering for me.

"Emily that was an outstanding performance" Louie commented

I can't say anything I'm speechless at what he just said.

" I'm agreeing with Louie on this one you were amazing and I could feel how much passion you put into that song" Mel said.

"I feel like you could do so much more" Cheryl commented I stood there gutted but I took in all the advice she gave me.

"I'm disagreeing with Cheryl I thought you really good and this stage either makes you or brakes you and it made you" Simon said which made me shocked and I can't believe he just said that. "So Louie yes or no" Simon asked.

"YES" Louie shouted. "Mel?"

"One big fat YES"

" I'm sorry it's a no from me" Cheryl said which caused the whole audience to boo.

" Emily you have 3 yes's congratulations"

I ran off the stage with happy tears flooded in my eyes and ran straight into my best friends arms. His name is tony and his brother is Jake, from stereo kicks I haven't met him yet but tony said I will soon.


Let's just say stereo kicks have already been put together on this story :) bye or now

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