A very Lego Trip

Hamish , Sherlock and John are off to Lego land ! Will Sherlock spit out his secrets or will Hamish have the time of his life ? Keep reading to find out ...


1. A Very Lego Trip

Sherlock Fan fiction A Very Lego Trip


“Are we there yet?” Hamish squealed while rocking his blue booster seat that he was secured in.
“No!” Snapped Sherlock, “Hamish this is the forty fifth time you’ve asked and if you don’t-“
“Sherlock.” John warned in a whisper but stern voice.
 John had his ways to control Sherlock’s grumpiness, to act like the leader and control the situation before it erupts ( John learned this in the army , having control of your screaming patient before removing a dozen bullet from their chest was a good idea). It as if Sherlock was his second child , but that was what made Sherlock , Sherlock, and John would never , ever change a thing about him ; well, maybe he could wash up once in a while or fold some clothes or make the bed or …
“Yes, John”
 “Stop shouting at him, he’s only excited”.
Sherlock groaned and started to quickly tap his leg; more likely out of boredom, probably out frustration or maybe, maybe a touch of excitement.

Today John, Hamish and Sherlock were going to Lego Land: Three year old Hamish hadn’t stop going on about it for weeks after he found out his best friend/ Mrs Hudson’s granddaughter Milly had gone. The two of them had been best friends since their first playdate. For weeks and weeks and weeks Hamish moaned the constant whine “Daaaadddy! Can I go to Lego Land pleeeeaaassee?”
John and Sherlock obviously were going to take him ( there not cruel ! ) but first John had to book work off at the surgery and they both had to ensure that they had enough cash for the trip as well , Mycroft did offer to help pay but no Sherlock was not going to have none of that. Sherlock could look after his own family.
Even on Crime scenes Hamish would stop repeating himself:
“Daddy, daddy “Hamish fiercely tugged the back of Sherlock’s coat. “ Daddy, daddy, daddy”.
“What!” Sherlock barked whipping his head away from the mangled body that was laid on the floor.
“Can I go to Lego Land waddy please, please waddy”?
“I’m busy Hamish, I’ve got too much work and-“Sherlock swiftly paused. Tears started to creep out of Hamish’s eyes dripping down his pale skin. Maybe it’s probably time to tell him that he could go. Hamish wasn’t a spoilt child he loved everything and appreciated everything that he got, what other three year old understands that money doesn’t grow on trees?
 This made Sherlock’s heart rip.
He had a soft spot for Hamish, why wouldn’t he it’s his son for goodness sake? Just because people believe he is a machine doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his family. No one, I repeat no one would hurt his baby Hamish or John while he was alive (or dead).
“Umm, um John!” Sherlock called out.
“What Sherlock? Have you worked it out?”
“John comes here…”
“What?” John walked over from Lestrade to Sherlock. Sherlock slyly whispered into Johns ear slurring snake like the words so Hamish couldn’t deduct what he was saying ( Hamish had already learnt a lot off his father at age three : numbers , writing , science , reading and finally deducting the ‘most important’ skill according to Sherlock. Being able to notice what’s around you in the world).
A couple of minutes later John cleared his throat and kneeled down to Hamish’s height; this was another habit from the army being equal to your fellow soldiers, showing respect. Wiping Hamish’s droplets of tears away John softly spoke “Now Hamish if you clean up your room and if you spend some time with other children not just Milly. We can g-“
Hamish squeaked in delight before John could even finish the sentence earing dirty looks from Donavan and Anderson.
“Not a place for children “Donavan sneered.
“Shut up Donavan!” Sherlock shouted throwing his magnifying glass at her.
“Freak!” She snapped while walking out of the room shortly followed by Anderson. Sherlock could easily deduct that they had a little ‘sleepover’ last night. Donavan’s make up is smeared showing that she didn’t have a lot of time to ‘perfect’ her look obviously because of sleeping in late. Anderson is in the same pair of clothes that he has worn for the last three days. Believe or not Anderson is a clean, well-kept person so he usually changes his clothes every day plus he needs a shave as stubble is slightly showing.
How disgusting! How could Donavan cheat on her boyfriend! Sherlock would never do that to John, never.


“Were here!” John announced turning the corner of the motorway, reviling a huge sign made out of individual Lego pieces: ‘LEGOLAND Billund Resort’.
Hamish jumped up and down “yay!” he squeaked.
“Thank God” Sherlock sighed resting his head on the back of the seat. “ John I couldn’t stand your driving one second longer!”
“My driving, you couldn’t stand my driving! The last you drove we ended up crashing into a lamppost while chasing a criminal.”
“Ah yes but-“
“Daddy can we go on the big rides pwease?”
“ Umm, yes Hamish”.
“Daddy you’re not scared are you?”
“ No, no, no I’m not scared, don’t be stupid!” he insisted.
Turning the winding corner John saw a dwarf figure standing on the side of the road.
Hamish gasped! “Daddy its batman!” pressing his face up to the car window.
“Where, where?” Sherlock sang in delight.  “Where?”
“I knew it was dangerous” said John.
“Getting you into classic action heroes “he chuckled and turned another corner. I hope I got the right entrance he thought to himself.
Just on cue a distant car park came into view filled with hundreds and hundreds of cars.
“God I hope theirs space”
“Don’t be ridiculous John theirs always space. I hope …” replied Sherlock.
They drove up to the ticket hut and stopped to be welcomed by a peeping head over the window. The head belonged to a young brown haired girl. She looked very nervous, as if it was her first day.
“Hello, welcome to Lego Land! I must apologise but all of the close car parks have been filled as were very busy today so your space will be quite far away.”
“How far?” Sherlock snapped.
“Only about … half a mile from the entrance”.
“Half a mile!”
“Sherlock stop. That’s fine, thank you. Here’s the ticket” John apologised while passing over a scrunched white piece of paper.
“Oh! There seems there has been a mistake. The machine tells me that your tickets have been booked with a VIP trip”.
“VIP?” John questioned.
“ Yes your ticket says that you will be staying for three nights in the grade 10 hotel rooms , food and drinks paid for , fast pass , one hundred pounds for the shop plus a meeting with the Lego land figure Bat man …”
“ Mycroft!” Sherlock muttered. “John no”
“Sherlock just because you hate your brother doesn’t mean he can’t do something nice for you for once”.
“WER’E SEEING WATMAN” Hamish shouted.
“Batman” Sherlock corrected. “Yes we are Hamish, yes where do we go?”
“Umm, ok. So there’s no mistake?”
“Obviously. Now I don’t like repeating myself where do we have to go”.
“Sherlock” John wined.
“Umm just around the corner there will a man in red he will lead you …”
“Ok. John drive”
“Sorry, thank you” John spoke to the shaky girl while starting to drive.
“All yeah, you were right about your boyfriend he is cheating on you with your best friend” Sherlock called out of the window while they were speeding off.
“Sherlock! Stop being so rude to people!” John sighed following the man in red that was walking along the road.
“I was not being ‘rude’ John I was simply pointing out the obvious!”
“Whatever” John replied.
“That lady had toast for breakfast daddy” Hamish announced with a big grin: clearly proud of himself. Yes but that was obvious Sherlock thought but he is three years old …
“Well done Hamish!” Sherlock turned around and gave him a high five. “Good boy”. Hamish giggled.
“Now I’ve got two detectives!” John smiled. “Daddy Holmes and Baby Holmes.”

The man in red stopped and pointed to a modern garage at the end of the road and walked off at a fast pace to the opposite direction.
“I guess we go in here” John announced excitedly but weary pulling up inside, the garage door shut on them when they entered.
“Daddy can I get out now?”
John got out of the car and unstrapped Hamish from the booster seat (clearly that he was too big for; Hamish was tall like Sherlock but chubby like John.  However John was a doctor , he didn’t want Hamish to get hurt in a deadly accident as he had seen some of his patients horrible injury’s from car crashes.)  As soon as Hamish’s buckle was undone he popped out of the car and ran towards a door.
“This way daddy!”  He singed.
John followed him shortly after Sherlock. When young Hamish managed to grasp open the metal door glistering rays of sunlight shined into everyone eyes. Outside a Lego train track was reviled and a small Lego park filled with slides, swings and climbing frames.  Hamish instantly ran over to the playground that was next to the track and climbed up onto the purple slide.
 John took a deep breath “So are you ready for the next three days” he whispered into Sherlock’s ear.
“Of course John.” Sherlock smiled, making his sharp cheekbones leap out of his skin. “The game is on” .He kissed John lightly on the lips holding the back of his blonde head for support. John seemed to be pleased with the warm invitation and grabbed the detectives scarf urging him to continue.

“Ugh!” Hamish shouted from the top of the slide covering his eyes. “Yucky, yucky daddy’s!”
Sherlock and John both laughed and broke away from the kiss almost forgetting that there son was opposite them pretending to be sick with disgust.
“If only we were alone” Sherlock whispered.
“A train! A train! A choo choo train!” Hamish ran to the tracks and peered down the line.
“Stay away from the edge Hamish” John warned hugging him tightly, assuring himself that he wouldn’t jump onto the moving train that was running down the tracks.
The train came to a halt and the doors opened. Hamish hopped like a bunny into the cart and sat down onto a bean bag that was inside.
“Come on then “John called. “ The game is on!”

Inside of the cart the room looked fairly bigger than it did on the outside. It was filled with two bean bags, two leather chairs and miniature bar.
“Cannon ball!” John yelled, jumping heavily onto the yellow bean bag next to Hamish. “Someone’s in need of tiggerling!” Hamish giggled joyfully while trying to ‘attempt’ to tiggle back his daddy.
“Drink anyone?” Sherlock asked opening the endless cupboard of soft drinks.
“Coffee! Coffee!”
“ Sherlock you didn’t! Sherlock you can’t give a three year old coffee!”
“Shhh” Sherlock hushed and spoke quietly to John. “It was tea but he wanted to drink coffee like you”.
“Ohhh”. John realised.
 “No, there’s no coffee left how about orange juice Hamish?”
“ Boring!”
Sherlock looked carefully again, making sure he offered something that he wasn’t going to get a slap for later.
“Milkshake?” he suggested.
“Ooo yummy” Hamish reached out for the chocolate shake.
“What do you say?”
“Ok here you go”. Sherlock passed Hamish the shake reviling a letter inside the cupboard, opening it, it read:
To my little brother and Doctor John Watson.
“You would think he would call me John by now wouldn’t you?”  John asked.
“Yes but he’s and idiot, keep reading …”

As it has come to my realisation how my young nephew Hamish has been so euthustatic about the Lego land resort after discovering that his playdate had gone to reassure you that he will have the best of days I have ordered the best VIP treatment available.
“Did you tell him ab- “
“No I didn’t tell him about Milly, I bet he ‘got stupid cameras again! Ugh!”
Hopefully young Hamish will enjoy the experience and my little brother will enjoy the child rides unlike the adult ones.
Sherlock shuddered.
As the treatment is VIP you and John will get your own suit next to Hamish , so I will turn off the CTV in there ( don’t worry little brother I  know how paranoid you get , but that is something I do not wish to see ).
“NO! He hasn’t watched us, ugh that’s disgusting” Sherlock spat
“Oh my God!” John gasped.
“Daddy what are you talking about?”
“ Nothing Hamish”.
I hope you enjoy your stay
Sincerely your older brother
Mycroft Holmes.

“That’s just foul!”
The thought of Mycroft constantly watching in on them made John feel sick to his stomach. What did he mean about Sherlock liking Kid rides though? Never mind it’s probably childish sibling teasing. Harriet and him used to fight all the time and still do …
“Wow!” Hamish cried out, pointing outside.
The trees around the tracks disappeared and Lego Land finally emerged into view: the magical sight took Hamish’s breath away; it was like nothing that he had ever seen before. Clanking rollercoasters were dotted around the area. Go karts, boat rides, merry go rounds, water rides and so many more magical treasures were there. The sounds of laughter and chanting could be heard over the joyous tunes that were being played over and over and over again. Hamish had never felt more amazing in his life.
“Look at him” said John nudging Sherlock “He’s so happy”.
“Obviously look at him; his eyes are dilated…”
“Oh shut up being smart and go and talk to him”.
Grinning Sherlock picked up Hamish and popped him on his bony shoulder (John was quite surprised that they fitted in the petit room as they were both giant tall).
“So Hamish” Sherlock spoke tranquilly “What do you want to do first”.
“EVERYTHING!”  He replied pointing towards the park.
“What about … hmm…submarine ride?”
“Yay! Do we get to swim with the fishy’s daddy?”
“No, but we do get very close to them and go under the sea!”
The train started to slow down warning them that the sightseeing was almost over. The smell of popcorn and sweet candy floss floated into the cart and danced on their tongues. Making Hamish crave the sugary delights as they all haven’t ate since five o’clock when they left from the Hotel this morning: It was now 9 o’clock.

A few minutes later the train finally stopped in front of a valiant looking hotel, the sign read: Pirates Inn Hotel.
“Come and then “John called while stepping out of the cart “Off we go!”.

Inside of the hotel the three were greeted by a man at a reception desk. His smile felt completely fake and so did his sing song tune.
“Eye-eye young pirate!” he spoke to Hamish.
“Eye-eye!” Hamish replied into a giggle fit.
“Hello, I’m pirate Hook what are your pirate names”.
“John Holmes”
“Do I really have to say the whole thing?” Sherlock moaned.
“Well sir I need your full name for the computer system”
Clearly frustrated Sherlock took a deep breath. “William Sherlock Scott Watson. “Why did my mother have to give me the longest stupid name” He mumbled.
“Umm, um I don’t have one” Hamish stuttered becoming shy.
“That ok me harty what’s your real name”
“Hamish Holmes Watson!”
“Ok …” The Pirate Hook tapped his name into the computer then waited for the buffering internet.
Lazy! Sherlock thought. They use a stupid internet name generator.
“Ok! Your pirate name is … Pirate Blackbeard.” Hamish was not happy neither was Sherlock.
“I wanna be a detective when I’m older not having a beard, beards are for old people!”
“ Ok …” The man looked confused and started to type again. “How about Pirate detective?”






To be continued ...

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